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Agents Forum Meeting Notes

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The Guernsey Planning Agents Forum meets every six months to allow agents submitting planning applications to discuss general matters of joint interest with Planning Officers and Building Control Surveyors.

Subjects for discussion include suggestions and other ideas for the continual improvement of the Planning Service.

You can find the notes of each meeting below.


pdf icon 1st March 2023 [198kb]
pdf icon 25 May 2022 [215kb]
pdf icon 2nd December 2020 [607kb]
pdf icon 5th December 2019 [615kb]
pdf icon 12th June 2019 [593kb]
pdf icon 12th December 2018 [136kb]
pdf icon 24th July 2018 [328kb]
pdf icon 29th November 2017 [165kb]
pdf icon 1st June 2017 [165kb]
pdf icon 17 November 2016 [173kb]
pdf icon 2nd June 2016 [171kb]
pdf icon 26 November 2015 [417kb]
pdf icon 6 May 2015 [392kb]
pdf icon 26 November 2014 [365kb]
pdf icon 28 May 2014 [692kb]
pdf icon 27 November 2013 [52kb]
pdf icon 17 June 2013 [769kb]
pdf icon 14 November 2012 [123kb]
pdf icon 16 May 2012 [150kb]
pdf icon 23 November 2011 [80kb]
pdf icon 18 May 2011 [255kb]
pdf icon 17 November 2010 [221kb]
pdf icon 21 May 2010 [503kb]

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