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The States of Deliberation meet every three weeks, except in school holidays, to discuss and debate reports, draft legislation and other matters. Information relating to past and forthcoming Meetings can be accessed via this page.

The items for discussion are contained in a publication called a Billet d'État. Information about the Members of the States of Deliberation and the Rules of Procedure for States' Meetings can be found within the Blue Book

  • States Meeting on 25th May 2022

    • The relevant papers for the next States' Meeting can be accessed here. This page contains the agenda for the meeting, the combined PDF of the Billet d'État and links to each individual item lodged. 
    • The decisions of the States each day ('Resolutions') are published in the 'Downloads' section of this page and the Official Report ('Hansard') will also be uploaded once completed.
  • Future States Meetings

  • Items lodged for future States Meetings

  • Previous States Meetings

  • States' Resolutions: decisions of the States

    • After each day of a States' Meeting, a document setting out the decisions of the States of Deliberation that day is produced and published - the States' Resolutions. This is published in the download section of each States' Meeting page.
  • Voting and voting records

    • Voting is conducted in French with Members being asked to vote 'Pour' a Proposition if they are in favour of it or 'Contre' if they are against. A Member may also call 'Je Ne Vote Pas' if they do not wish to exercise their right to vote on the proposition.
    • The majority of votes are held "de vives voix". This means the Presiding Officer asks Members to call out their vote collectively 'Pour' or 'Contre' then announces the decision. No record of which Members voted Pour or Contre, or who is absent or abstaining from the vote, is made but the decision is recorded in the States' Resolutions.
    • On request or if a vote held "de vives voix" is too close to call, a vote is held by 'appel nominal' i.e. a recorded vote, where each Member votes in turn by calling out his or her vote. A 'voting record' is then produced and published below the relevant item on the States' Meeting page.
  • Statements, Speeches and Hansard (the official record of States' Meetings)

  • Written questions from States Members to Committees submitted outside States Meetings

    • States Members are able to put written questions to Committees under Rule 14 of the Rules of Procedure.
    • The relevant Committee is required under the Rules to provide an answer to the question within 15 clear days from receiving it. The question(s) and answer(s) are then published by the States' Greffier and are available to view online here.
  • Rules of Procedure of the States of Deliberation and their Committees

  • Constitution of the States of Deliberation and Presiding Officers

    • The States of Deliberation comprise:
      • A Presiding Officer, who is ex officio the Bailiff (Richard McMahon) (or in his absence the Deputy Bailiff, Jessica Roland, as Deputy Presiding Officer)
      • The two Law Officers of the Crown: Her Majesty's Procureur (Attorney-General) (M.M.E. Pullum, Q.C.) and Her Majesty's Comptroller (Solicitor-General)(R.M. Titterington, Q.C.)
      • Guernsey People's Deputies and two Representatives of the States of Alderney
    • The Bailiff of Guernsey is the ex-officio Presiding Officer. He is also the senior judge of the Bailiwick of Guernsey and the first citizen of the Bailiwick.
    • It is the Presiding Officer's duty to maintain order, moderate debate and regulate the conduct of business.
    • The Presiding Officer may appoint Members of the States as Acting Presiding Officers.  These are normally the most senior Members. The current Acting Presiding Officers are: Deputy John A B Gollop, Deputy Peter J Roffey and Deputy L S Trott.
    • The Law Officers of the Crown have seats ex officio: they have a voice but no vote.
    • In addition to the Bailiff, Deputy Bailiff and the Law Officers of the Crown who are Crown appointments, Her Majesty The Queen also appoints a Lieutenant Governor, who is her personal representative in the Bailiwick.
  • Meeting of the Youth States


States' Meeting dates 2020-2025 Submission deadlines for 2021 - 2025 States' Meetings Blue Book (previously known as the 'Red Book') Quick Reference Guide to the Rules States' Greffier Directive: the submission of Propositions to the States of Deliberation

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