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Community Partnership with Rotary Guernesiais for Pakistan monsoon floods

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Tuesday 22 November 2022

The Commission has recently agreed a Community Partnership with Rotary Guernesiais following the club's previous £10,000 donation to ShelterBox to help alleviate the effects of the severe monsoon floods in Pakistan. Rotary Guernesiais' donation was funded by the John Ramplin Charitable Trust.

The Partnership means that the Commission will also provide a matched funding donation of £10,000 to ShelterBox.

As previously reported by the Commission, over 30 million people in Pakistan had been affected by exceptional rains and devasting floods across the country. At its peak, it had left a third of Pakistan underwater. The latest report from the United Nations' Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs states that the floods are still present but receding, although in some areas huge swathes of water remain stagnant. 8 million people are in need of medical assistance with water-borne diseases spreading. 2.2 million houses have been destroyed and there are gaps in the funding for shelter provisions.

ShelterBox is a UK based charity that helps people who have had their homes damaged or destroyed by conflict or disasters such as floods. Support is provided in many ways and includes different combinations of emergency shelter items - like tarpaulins, water filters, solar lights, and mosquito nets. The charity works with disaster-affected communities and local partners to understand what people need and what's locally appropriate to make the biggest difference to communities.

Deputy Chris Blin, the President of the OA&DC, said:

"The Commission's Community Partnership scheme is about further strengthening the Bailiwick community's already good support for overseas aid, by working together with local organisations which are fund raising or delivering aid projects in the developing world. Often the Commission is able to provide 'matched funding' for any funds raised by the organisations themselves.

"The Commission would like to thank Rotary Guernesiais and the John Ramplin Charitable Trust for recognising the severity of the circumstances in Pakistan and taking positive action to help. Local community interest can make a real difference to the lives of those who are facing great hardships in the developing world. It is on this basis that the Commission was delighted to support the initiative.

"Indeed, the Commission would be pleased to hear from any other local organisations, whether it be a school, scout group, church, or local charity, who are fundraising for aid or projects in developing countries, as the Commission may be able to double their money."  

Diane Ward, the President of Rotary Guernesiais, said:

"We are delighted that the Overseas Aid & Development Commission has chosen to partner with Rotary Guernesiais, working with the John Ramplin Charitable Trust, to double the recent donation to ShelterBox specifically to help those who have been devastated by the flooding in Pakistan. The club has regularly supported this independent international relief charity since it was established by Rotary in 2000. Rotary Guernesiais is grateful for the opportunity to work with the Commission and the John Ramplin Charitable Trust on this project."

Natalie Pougher, Trusts and Foundations Executive for ShelterBox, said:

"At ShelterBox we firmly believe that nobody should be without shelter after disaster. It's why we help people across the world who have been affected by conflict or disaster - supporting them to rebuild and recover.

"We rely heavily on public donations to fund our work - like our emergency response to devastating monsoon flooding in Pakistan where we're helping thousands of people whose homes are under water. There is no doubt that the club's generous donation and match funding from this partnership will make a positive difference to the lives of people ShelterBox works with and we're incredibly grateful for their ongoing support."

The Commission had also previously agreed to make Disaster and Emergency Relief Awards  of £50,000 to the British Red Cross, and £20,000 to the United Kingdom for UNHCR, for their Pakistan Floods appeals.

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