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Parochial Appeals Tribunal

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The Parochial Appeals Tribunal is an independent body that determines appeals against some Parish level decisions relating to breaches of the hedge cutting and watercourse clearing obligations, as well as decisions not to grant Bornements and civil penalty notices issued under the Parochial Collection of Waste (Guernsey) Law, 2015.


  • About the Parochial Appeals Tribunal

    • The Parochial Appeals Tribunal is independent of any States' Committee or body. Its Members are appointed by the Royal Court. It operates within the provisions set out in The Parochial Administration Ordinance, 2013 (see the downloaded documents).
    • The Parochial Appeals Tribunal is supported by its own secretariat through the Office of the Policy & Resources Committee.
    • The Parochial Appeals Tribunal's Secretary is available to answer any questions and can be contacted:
    • by telephone      01481 223447
    • by email    
    • in writing to        The Secretary to the Parochial Appeals Tribunal, Sir Charles Frossard House, La Charroterie, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1FH.
  • The Tribunal

    • The Tribunal members are:
      • Advocate Peter Atkinson, President
      • Advocate Russell Clark, Vice President
      • Mr Peter Burtenshaw
      • Advocate Mark Dunster
      • Mrs Christine Cowling
      • Mrs Christine Goodlass
      • Mr David Gorvel
      • Mr David Hugo
      • Mr Andrew Sauvarin.
    • The Tribunal is supported by the Tribunal Secretary, Mrs Toni Airley.
    • Where an appeal is made, the President or the Vice President will sit together with two other members of the Tribunal to determine the appeal.
  • What decisions can be appealed?

    • The Parochial Appeals Tribunal hears appeals relating to the following matters:
      • The issue of a formal warning notice or civil penalty notice in relation to the cutting of hedges and the clearing up of the debris afterwards;
      • The clearing of controlled streams;
      • The refusal of an application for a Bornement;
      • The recovery of costs where the Central Steams Committee has appointed a contractor to carry out work to clear a controlled stream;
      • The issue of a civil penalty notice for failing to put waste for collection by a Parish waste collection and transfer service in accordance with the requirements specified by the Waste Disposal Authority.
  • How to make an Appeal

    • Details of how to appeal a parochial decision, together with details of the relevant legislation, are on this web page. See the downloaded documents.
    • Anybody considering making an appeal will find it helpful to first read the information leaflet and the guidance notes.
    • Please note that  there are deadlines within which appeals to the Parochial Appeal Tribunal have to be made. These deadlines are also specified in the information leaflet, the guidance notes and the Rules of Procedure.
    • The appeal form can be downloaded from this site. The appeal form contains further details about the information and the administrative fee (£25) that must be included with any appeal.
    • Paper copies and large print versions of most documents are also available on request from the Secretary.
    • If you have a disability or long-term health impairment and need reasonable adjustments to be able to take part in the tribunal process, please let the Secretary to the Tribunal know when you make your claim or at any time during the claim process.

    • The contact details for Parochial Appeals Tribunal's Secretary are:
      • Telephone 01481 223447
      • Email -
      • The Secretary to the Parochial Appeals Tribunal, Sir Charles Frossard House, La Charroterie, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1FH.


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