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Fun Palace!
Monday 25 September 2017

'Everyone an artist, everyone a scientist'.

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Construction progressing well on new Longue Hougue waste facility
Friday 22 September 2017

A new facility to process waste from households and businesses, prior to export for energy recovery or recycling, will open at Longue Hougue next year.

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ESC responds to union comments
Thursday 21 September 2017

The Committee for Education, Sport & Culture welcomes the comments from the National Education Union (NEU) which it has received as part of its engagement on proposals for the future structure of secondary and post-16 education.

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Police Complaints Commission

Contact Us - Police Complaints Commission

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The Police Complaints Commission provides independent oversight into the investigation of complaints against the Guernsey Police

The Police Complaints (Guernsey) Law, 2008 came into force on 1 July 2011 alongside the Police Complaints (Conduct Proceedings and Investigations) (Guernsey) Regulations, 2010 and the Police Complaints (Appeal Tribunal)(Guernsey) Regulations 2010.

The objectives of the Law are:

If the public is to have trust and confidence in the police, the complaints system must be accessible and seen to be transparent, and subject to independent scrutiny.  Furthermore, any police officer who is subject to a serious complaint needs to be dealt with by a process that is fair and unbiased for the protection of his or her reputation.

The Commission do not carry out separate independent investigations of complaints made against the Police.  The investigation of complaints against the Police is most appropriately done by the Police, where necessary using an outside Force.  Further it is the role of the Chief Officer of Police to determine appropriate disciplinary action.  Complaints should be made to the Chief Officer of Police and the Commission will be notified in accordance with the Law.

The role of the Police Complaints Commission is to supervise the most serious complaints and those where it is in the public interest to do so.  The Commission has access to all complaints made to the Police and so provide the independent oversight which is essential to ensure public confidence.


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