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Guernsey Law Officers announce first-time forfeited asset sharing with the United States
Friday 08 December 2017

Guernsey has today announced during a visit to the Department of Justice in Washington D.C. that it will share with the United States government approximately $14.3 million recovered while assisting U.S. prosecutors and investigators with two U.S. criminal cases in which money was laundered via Guernsey.

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Under 21 Contraception Pilot
Thursday 07 December 2017

The Committee for Employment & Social Security and the Committee for Health & Social Care have launched a pilot to provide free contraceptive services to women under the age of 21.

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Gross Domestic Product estimates increase following methodology update
Thursday 07 December 2017

Guernsey will now have a more accurate picture of what its economy looks like following work to update the methodology by which Gross Domestic Product is calculated, aligning the island to international standards.

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How to apply for social rental housing

Contact Us - Housing Allocations

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Social rented housing is reserved for certain groups of people. To be eligible to apply for social rented housing, you have to meet certain eligibility criteria.

  • What are the eligibility criteria?

    • Age
      • You have to be at least 18 years old
    • Residential status
    • Savings
      • You can have savings up to your household nest egg. That depends on how many people are in your household. There's more in the Income Thresholds Policy which is available in the downloads section of this page, but in brief:
        Household compositionNest egg threshold
        Single, no children, 1 bed£10,920
        Single, no children, 2 bed£13,000
        Couple, no children, 1 bed£13,000
        Couple, no children, 2 bed£15,080
        One child£16,900
        Two children£21,580
        Three or more children£23,400
    • Income
      • Your net weekly household income must be below the limit for your household size. Full details are available in the Income Thresholds Policy which is available in the downloads section of this page. The 2016 limits are:
        Household compositionWeekly net income threshold
        Single, no children, 1 bed£420
        Single, no children, 2 bed£500
        Couple, no children, 1 bed£500
        Couple, no children, 2 bed£580
        One child£650
        Two children£830
        Three or more children£900
    • Property ownership
      • Generally speaking, if you've owned property in the past you won't qualify for social rented housing
      • However, if you used to own property but you've had to sell it due to circumstances beyond your control, you might still be eligible
    • Tenancy history
      • If you have had a tenancy terminated because you didn't pay rent, or you broke the tenancy agreement in some other serious way, it's likely that you will not be eligible for social rented housing
      • Those rules apply whether you were a States tenant or in private market accommodation
      • In rare cases, exceptions can be made - you can ask to speak to a member of staff if you think your tenancy history shouldn't bar you from applying now
  • I meet the criteria, how do I apply?

    • If you're under 65 and you don't have children in the household, you have to apply to GHA. You can find out how to do that here.
    • If you're a pensioner, or if you have children, apply to Housing. You'll have to fill in an application form and send it to us along with proof of your circumstances.
    • You can download an application form on this page, pick one up from Edward T Wheadon House, or you can contact us by following this link and we'll send one to you.
  • I've applied. What happens next?

    • Once we receive your application form and all the documentation we ask for, we'll be in contact to tell you if you have a place on our waiting list. We can't tell you how long you'll have to wait - it all depends on personal circumstances.





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