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Policy Council

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The Policy Council is responsible for Guernsey's constitutional and external affairs, developing strategic and corporate policy and coordinating States business.

It is also responsible for examining and commenting on all proposals and reports placed before the States of Deliberation (Guernsey's Parliament).

The Policy Council is chaired by the Chief Minister.  The 10 Departmental Ministers sit with the Chief Minister to form the Policy Council. Staff support is provided through the Chief Officer of the Policy Council who is also Chief Executive of the States.  The Chief Executive is supported by the Deputy Chief Executive.

Overview of Responsibilities

States Strategic Plan (corporate policy)                              Research (Facts & Figures)

External Relations                                                                   Human Resources Unit

Island Archives Service                                                          Legal Aid Service

Overseas Aid Commission                                                   Planning Tribunal (Planning Appeals)

Review Boards                                                                        Emergency Powers Authority

Public Sector Remuneration                                                 Inheritance Law Review

Parochial Ecclesiastical Rates Review

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