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Report a dangerous gas installation or fitting (form)

Please use this form to report a dangerous gas installation or gas fitting. This information is required by law.

  1. All sections of the form must be completed unless specified.
  2. Explanatory notes
    1. 1. This form should be used by Gas Safe registered businesses and engineers to report to HSE Guernsey gas installations and gas appliances using either mains gas (LPG/Air mixture) or LPG that have been examined or tested and regarded to be dangerous, but have not actually caused any injuries. Injuries are reported using
    2. 2. To be regarded as 'dangerous' there must be a serious fault in either the design or construction of the gas fitting (including any flue or ventilation provided for appliances) or in the way the initial installation was carried out or later serviced or modified. The fault must be so serious that people are likely to suffer death, or major injury, from the acute effects of carbon monoxide poisoning or the effects of fires or explosions following gas escapes.
  3. What are you reporting?
  4. HSE must be notified immediately of fatalities, or fire and explosion due to gas by phone on 01481 234567 or email Out of office hours, Guernsey Police must be informed on 01481 725111.
  5. If HSE was advised of this incident
    1. How was HSE advised of incident

  6. PART A - Information about the person making the report
    1. This form must be completed in full by the gas engineer or the registered gas business.

  7. PART B - Date, time and place of the dangerous gas installation or gas fitting
    1. Was it in a building? *
    2. Was the fault repaired at the time? *
    3. If not, was the situation made safe by disconnection, or contact with the Guernsey Gas emergency service centre for them to disconnect?

  8. PART C - The person affected by the dangerous gas installation or fitting
    1. Status
    2. Was the landlord or managing agent notified about the faults?

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