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Charitable giving review launched

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A review has been launched to examine potential measures the States of Guernsey could introduce to further support the third sector.

The review is being carried out in partnership with the voluntary and charitable sector, with Association of Guernsey Charities Chairman Peter Rose and Guernsey Community Foundation Policy Director Niki Cleal joining Deputy Jane Stephens, lead Policy & Resources Committee member on social policy issues, on the panel.

Recommendations will be included in the 2018 Budget report.

The review will consider:

Third sector organisations are being asked to make representations as part of the review, which will also consider how a combination of measures might work together to achieve the stated outcomes, taking into account benefits and costs.

Deputy Jane Stephens, Policy & Resources Committee lead on social policy, said:

"We have worked with third sector representatives to compile questions that once answered will assist us in reviewing and understanding how best to work together towards any  future changes. I hope the format encourages as many charities as possible to respond to create a full picture. We remain committed to helping foster and encourage the development of the third sector.

'The States of Guernsey has recently restated its desire that the charitable sector should play a key role in helping deliver the aspiration of the new government plan for a better community."

Peter Rose, Chairman of the Association of Guernsey Charities, said:

"The AGC is supportive of this review, which we are hopeful will produce tangible benefits for third sector organisations. As is known, we were disappointed that the States did not support our calls for Gift Aid and some form of Payroll Giving to be introduced in 2017. However, we are determined to play an active role in ensuring the Policy & Resources Committee has all the evidence it needs before revisiting this issue, which is vital for charities."

Niki Cleal, Policy Director of the Guernsey Community Foundation, said:

"The Guernsey Community Foundation will be keen to look closely at the evidence of what potential measures the States might adopt to provide financial or other support to the charitable sector in the Bailiwick of Guernsey. We would encourage local charities to provide input to the review and look forward to working closely together to identify workable proposals to support the local charitable sector."

All registered charities have been sent the survey direct, but any other voluntary sector organisations are also encouraged to complete it. Submissions must be made by 13th January and the survey can be found at

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