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Identity of the new School and its Colleges announced

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Thursday 18 July 2019

Following a public consultation exercise along with staff and student surveys carried out in all secondary schools, the Committee for Education, Sport & Culture has announced the names for the new 11 to 18 school and its two colleges as well as the new uniform that will be worn by students.

Deputy Matt Fallaize, President of the Committee for Education, Sport & Culture, said:

'I am pleased to announce the names for our new 11-18 school and its two colleges. Deciding on the names has been the subject of much planning over a number of months and has involved extensive consultation and engagement. We hope that the names chosen serve to inspire our students, celebrate our history and look to the future in providing an identity for the new model of secondary education.

The new school will be called Lisia School and the two colleges will be known as Victor Hugo College (on the Baubigny site) and de Saumarez College (on the Beaucamps site).

Our staff and students are rightly proud of their schools and their Island. As a result, the Committee felt a great weight of responsibility in ensuring that appropriate names were chosen. I am pleased that we have been able to choose 3 of the more popular suggestions made by the public, staff and students and names with strong local connections.'

Lisia is the oldest recorded name for Guernsey - it is likely to have been the name given to the Island by the Romans. Lisia was part of the Lenur Islands (now Channel Islands).

Victor Hugo was one of the most popular suggestions received by the Committee. As a political refugee and social and political reformer he became an 'islander' for 15 years and took to Guernsey and its people. Guernsey is rightly proud of its connection to one of the world's greatest writers.

de Saumarez was also frequently suggested to the Committee. The name de Saumarez can be traced back in Guernsey to the earliest surviving records. Admiral de Saumarez, a decorated hero and philanthropist, was an active campaigner for education. As well as gifting money to support a number of schools in Guernsey, he provided funds to establish three separate schools for girls on the Island in the early 1800s.

The new uniform, which will be worn by students in both Victor Hugo and de Saumarez College, will be as follows:

The Committee will ensure that alternative garments are available for children who cannot wear conventional uniform.

The uniform has been chosen following feedback from staff and students as well as discussion with the current uniform suppliers on Island. The Committee is investigating an Eco Range where 100% of the polyester used comes from recycled plastic bottles.

The Committee is mindful that new uniform presents a significant cost to families and has therefore committed to fund all new items of uniform that students are required to change during their time at secondary school. There will therefore be no additional cost to families resulting from the introduction of new uniform. In addition to those general funding arrangements for all families, those families who are ordinarily entitled to uniform allowance will be able to claim any additional items required as normal through the Committee for Employment and Social Security.

Subject to the approval of the capital funding required for the school extensions at St Sampson's and Les Beaucamps by the States in September 2019, parents and carers will be provided with a timeline that will set out the introduction of both the new uniform and the names of the school and colleges.

Deputy Fallaize commented:

'The names of the new school and its colleges and their uniform are the first of the more tangible outcomes of the transformation programme which we know are of great interest to the community. Now we have announced the names and the uniform we can begin the hard work of establishing the brand for these new entities with the staff and students. '

Parents, students and staff have been advised of the new names and uniform by letter.

An image of the new uniforms can be found in the Downloads section of this page.


New School Uniforms

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