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Appointments made to lead Les Beaucamps and St Sampson's

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Wednesday 03 June 2020

Two leaders experienced in education in Guernsey have been appointed as Interim Principals of St Sampson's and Les Beaucamps High Schools during the 'pause and review' of the future model of secondary education.

Vicky Godley will move to lead St Sampson's for the start of the next academic year in September. For the past nine years Mrs Godley has led La Mare de Carteret High School.

Martin Haimes will continue to lead Les Beaucamps High School as Interim Principal after his period as Acting Head comes to an end this summer.

Adverts have been published today inviting applicants for the role of Interim Principal at La Mare de Carteret High School. The intention is to make an appointment to succeed Mrs Godley before the new academic year begins in September.

The post of Interim Principal at each of these three secondary schools will be in place for two academic years (until July 2022) while the States determine the future structure of secondary education following the review of various models which is now under way.

The Grammar School and Sixth Form Centre will continue to be led by Kieran James as it has been for the past two academic years.

The States' four secondary schools increasingly operate as a single organisation - as directed by the States in 2018 and 2020 - under the overall leadership of Executive Head Teacher Liz Coffey.

Deputy Matt Fallaize, President of the Committee for Education, Sport & Culture, said:

'In the original timeline for establishing the two 11-18 colleges, Vicky was going to oversee La Mare de Carteret and Les Beaucamps as those schools were brought together and Kieran was going to oversee St Sampson's and Grammar as those schools were brought together. Obviously we had to make some changes to the leadership plans once the States directed the "pause and review" of secondary education. We are putting in place an interim leadership team for the next couple of years before the transition can begin to whatever future model of secondary education the current or next States put in place.

Vicky has done an outstanding job at La Mare de Carteret. We are delighted that she is taking on the new challenge of leading St Sampson's for the next couple of years. Vicky will continue to lead La Mare de Carteret until the end of this academic year and we are now in the process of recruiting her successor with a view to announcing an appointment in good time before the summer holidays. At Les Beaucamps, Martin has provided stable leadership while continuing to develop the School. He was the clear choice to continue as its leader and we are very pleased he will serve as Interim Principal there for the next couple of years.'

Liz Coffey said:

'Having worked closely with Martin and Vicky, I am very pleased that we have been able to offer these opportunities. I have every confidence in their experience and leadership to secure improvements, during the ongoing review of secondary education.'

Vicky Godley said:

'I have absolutely loved my time at La Mare de Carteret High. As a school community we have achieved so much and I am grateful for all the support I have had from colleagues, students and parents. The time is right time to take on a new challenge and I am excited about this opportunity. I have learnt so much while leading La Mare and I am looking forward to putting all my efforts into making a positive contribution at St Sampson's.'

Martin Haimes said:

'As Acting Headteacher, the last two years have been a highlight of my career and I am very happy that I'll be able to continue working with this fantastic group of staff, students and parents. The school community of Les Beaucamps is wonderful and I am delighted to have been appointed Interim Principal.'

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