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Literacy Intervention Support

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The States of Guernsey provides specialist support for pupils in primary schools with literacy difficulties. We work closely with teachers from the Dyslexia Day Centre.

People with dyslexia may have difficulty with:

They may be good at:

Many successful people have dyslexia e.g. Jamie Oliver, Whoopi Goldberg, Eddie Izzard.

How will I know if my child is dyslexic?

At different stages children with dyslexia may have some of the following: (Some children may have some of these difficulties but not have dyslexia).

  • In the Early Years:

    • Difficulties in:
      • Learning nursery rhymes
      • Playing word games
      • Following instructions
      • Developing speech
  • At Primary School:

    • Your child may be
      • Making poor progress in reading
      • Failing to recognise familiar words
      • Finding if difficult to blend sounds together
      • Counting numbers in order
      • Having difficulty remembering the days of the week or months of the year in order
      • Being worse at written work than oral work
      • Having poor handwriting
      • Mixing up letters or words which look similar e.g. b/d, m/w
  • At Secondary School:

    • Your child may be
      • Continuing to have difficulties with reading and spelling
      • Finding planning written work difficult
      • Having difficulty organising his/her work and getting organised for school
      • Having difficulty completing homework
  • At all stages:

    • There may be some or all of the following
      • A family history of dyslexia
      • Lack of concentration
      • Disruptive or withdrawn behaviour
      • Inconsistency in school work
      • Tiredness after school
      • Frustration and lack of confidence
      • Good and bad days
      • Not all children with dyslexia will have the same combination of difficulties.

How can I help my child?

What should I do if I think my child may be having difficulties?

First speak to your child's teacher or the school's Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO). They will be able to explain to you how your child's needs can be identified and what support is available.

Any action taken will be in agreement with you and may include:

Dyslexia Day Centre


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Write to us:
States Early Years Team (SEYT)

Le Rondin School & Centre,  Rue des Landes,  Forest,  Channel Islands,  GY8 0DP

Email us:

Call us:
01481 228313

Write to us:
Dyslexia Day Centre

St Andrew's Old School,  Rue de la Boullerie,  St Andrew's,  Guernsey,  GY6 8XD

Call us:
01481 232655

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