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Search States Meeting information (including Billets, Amendments, Voting Records, Resolutions and Hansards)

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The States of Deliberation in Guernsey meet approximately every three weeks, except in school holidays, to discuss and debate reports, draft legislation and other matters. Information relating to past and forthcoming Meetings can be accessed via this page.

Forthcoming items of business will be put on this part of the website as soon as they have been submitted to H.M. Greffier. The States decide at the end of each Meeting the future Meeting at which an item is to be considered. Then the lodged items will be moved onto the page for the respective Meeting. Information about the next States' Meetings can be accessed here:

Type a word or phrase relating to the topic you are interested in into the search bar above and it will return related States Meeting pages. Alternatively, you can locate information via the look in the past meetings archive.

The pages include the Billets, Resolutions and any amendments, sursis and questions raised, along with voting records and the Hansard (recording what was said at the meeting) which is uploaded as soon as it has been finalised (usually a few weeks after the meeting).


2018 - 2019 States Meeting Dates - FINAL Rota of statements by Presidents of Committees of the States and the nominated Alderney Representative Hansard Index

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