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Island Archives acquires Guernsey Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club historical material
Friday 29 July 2016

The records of the Guernsey Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club and its successors have been donated to the Island Archives.

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TV licenses for over 75s will be closed to new entrants
Friday 29 July 2016

Free TV Licences for Guernsey and Alderney residents over 75 will be closed to new entrants from 1 September 2016.

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UK Prime Minister offers assurance to the Crown Dependencies
Friday 29 July 2016

The UK's recently appointed Prime Minister, The Rt. Hon Theresa May MP, has written to the Crown Dependencies and given assurances that Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man will be engaged in the process of the UK's negotiations in relation to its exit and ongoing trade with the EU.

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Contact Us - Driver and Vehicle Licensing

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The States of Guernsey Committee for the Environment & Infrastructure provides services in the following areas: provision and promotion of scheduled bus services, provision of the schools bus services and the provision of bus shelters.

  • Buses

    • Guernsey's bus services are operated by CT Plus Guernsey Limited on behalf of the The Committee for the Environment & Infrastructure. The network of bus routes provides a high frequency of services to the Island's main shopping centres, beaches and visitor attractions, and our modern bus fleet offers a very comfortable and passenger friendly ride.
    • If you have any queries about the service, then staff at CT Plus Guernsey Limited will be happy to help you at their Information Kiosk at the bus terminus. They can also be telephoned on 01481 700456. Timetable and bus diversion information can be found on their website at
    • A flat fare of £1.00 will apply to all journeys of any distance on all routes.
  • Introduction of new 'Smart Card' - 'Puffin Pass'

    • Following the introduction of new 'Ticketer' electronic bus ticket machines in July (and the introduction of an interim paper ticket system to replace the previously withdrawn 'Ormer Card' product), a new 'Smart Card' will be introduced in November 2015. Following a children's competition, the new smart card will be called the 'Puffin Pass'.
    • One of the major benefits of the new smart cards is that they can be assigned to an individual and will provide an opportunity to introduce a range of new products for its customers; including the ability to purchase 'stored cash' in the form of a 'Pay as you go' card or a weekly or monthly unlimited travel pass which can also be topped up online.
    • New products have been introduced such as the 'Pay as you go' card and the a new Student card (allowing free travel by all under 16s or those in full-time education, excluding use of the night bus service) and a new monthly unlimited travel pass is also in operation.
    • An example of the new pay as you go 'Puffin Pass' is shown above.
    • For further details contact CT Plus Guernsey Limited on Tel: 700456 or Public Transport Section at Driver & Vehicle Licensing on Tel: 202227.
  • Free Bus Travel For Local OAP's

    • OAP's (65 years old and above) residing in Guernsey or Alderney may travel free on the buses if they show the driver suitable identification, such as their medical insurance card. Please note that this does not apply to OAP's who are visiting the island.
  • Bus Stops and "Hail and Ride"

    • You can board the buses at any of the bus stops around the Island. These are either painted on the road or indicated by the bus stop signs on poles. As many bus stops are serviced by several bus routes, passengers are advised to wave down the correct bus when it approaches.
    • Please note that only the main bus stops are shown in the timetable. To work out times for other stops on route, take the time between the two nearest main stops.
    • Alternatively, you can 'hail' a bus and, provided it is safe, the driver will stop to pick you up (please note, hail and ride does not operate in the Town or Bridge area).
  • About the Buses

    • The buses feature Cummins diesel engines with the latest generation CRT trap which reduces main pollutants in the exhaust fumes by as much as 90%. Also incorporated in the design is a speed limiter for safety.
    • For the passengers all buses have kneeling air suspension, this means the ride quality is superior to conventional suspension and that when at the bus stop collecting or delivering passengers the whole bus can be lowered for easier access, this combined with a wheel chair ramp and an area for wheel chairs makes the buses fully disabled person friendly. The ramp is also useful for loading children's push chairs.
    • Other features for passenger safety and comfort include a full heating and cooling ventilation system, with hopper windows for additional ventilation, CCTV system for security and a large electronic destination display. Finally so you will reach your destination safely there is a full set of hand rails inside the bus, stop buttons at regular intervals and a sign inside notifying passengers that the bus will be stopping.
  • School Buses

    • School buses are provided free of charge and are operated on behalf of The Committee for the Environment & Infrastructure by CT Plus, Island Coachways, Intransit, Island Taxis and Executive Car Services.
    • In addition to the dedicated school bus services provided, any school pupil is able to catch a public service bus free of charge (providing they are in school uniform) between the hours of 07.30 - 09.00 and 15.00 - 16.00.
    • Free Pass cards for scheduled service buses are available for "special place holders" at the grant-maintained colleges and students attending the Grammar School (including the Sixth Form Centre) who cannot access one of the dedicated school buses. To be eligible, students must live more than two and a half miles from the school by the shortest route on foot. Application forms can be downloaded from the Education Services website at
    • Should you have a general query with regard to School bus transport, please contact Driver & Vehicle Licensing's Public Transport Section on Tel: 202227. Please details of school bus services here: pdf icon Forest School [115kb] pdf icon Grammar & Sixth Form [135kb] pdf icon Hautes Capelles [94kb] pdf icon St Martin's [192kb] pdf icon Vale School [118kb] pdf icon Vauvert [112kb] pdf icon La Houguette [196kb] pdf icon Castel [194kb] pdf icon La Mare de Carteret High [132kb] pdf icon La Mare de Carteret Primary [59kb] pdf icon Les Beaucamps [127kb] pdf icon St Sampson [131kb]
    • Please note that the school bus operator should be contacted for information on buses that are subject to diversions as a result of road works.
    • Bus operator's contact numbers are:
      • CT Plus - Tel. 700456
      • Island Coachways - Tel. 720210 (option 3)
      • Intransit - Tel. 700066
      • Island Taxis - Tel. 700500
      • Executive Car Services - 07781 155545


Bus Passenger Figures - June 2016 Governing Policy Public Service Vehicle & Road Service Licence Governing Policy Permit to Drive Public Service Vehicle Passenger Transport Governing Policy 2016

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