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Cancer & Long Term Chronic Illnesses

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Bulstrode Oncology Unit at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital, Guernsey provides day treatment facilities for people affected by cancer and other long term chronic illness.

High quality specialist care is provided by a team of doctors, nurses and other health professionals as well as a team of volunteers provided by Guernsey Society for Cancer Relief.

  • Cancer Services

    • Bulstrode Oncology Unit provides outpatient services Monday - Friday for people diagnosed with cancer. Services include chemotherapy administration, MSG Consultant Oncologists outpatient clinics, interventional procedures and complementary therapy. Contact: 01481 725241 ext 4601.
    • The Oncology Nursing Team provides a nurse-led chemotherapy service in Bulstrode House. As part of the multidisciplinary team they promote the optimum environment for the delivery of care for cancer patients and participate in implementing national standards/guidelines relating to chemotherapy into clinical practice locally. They are required to maintain and improve knowledge and skills to ensure expert high quality care and participate in clinical audit and research. As well as undertaking and assisting in clinical procedures the team provides expert clinical advice and supports health professionals in the delivery of chemotherapy treatment as well as the provision of education and training on cancer care, chemotherapy and symptom control.
    • Volunteers from Guernsey Society for Cancer Relief work with the team in serving meals and drinks during chemotherapy sessions. Weekly multidisciplinary meetings are held to plan care for people being supported by the team as well as attendance at site specific cancer Multi-Disciplinary Teams (MDT). Wig fitting and exercise therapy are all available as well as Look Good Feel Better (confidence kit) and CanMoveForward (education sessions) which are provided or funded by the 3rd sector.
    • Breast Unit
    • The Breast Care Nurse Specialist is based in the Breast Unit at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital. She manages the care of women with both benign and malignant breast disease in both the hospital and the community.
    • The Lymphoedema Clinical Nurse Specialist was appointed in 2010 to develop a cancer-related lymphoedema service. Working particularly closely with the Breast Care Nurse specialist and palliative care specialist nurses, the aim of the service is to assess, monitor and treat lymphoedema which has developed as a consequence of cancer or its treatment. Out-patient clinics are currently held in Bulstrode Oncology Unit.
    • A free and confidential breast screening service is available for women over 50 years. The Breast Unit also deals with the treatment of cyclical and non-cyclical breast pain. First line treatments include:
      • Wearing a correctly fitting supportive bra; a night bra can be useful when symptoms are particularly severe
      • Reduce caffeine intake
      • Reduce dietary fat intake
      • Take regular exercise
      • 6-8 week therapeutic dose of primrose oil prescribed by your GP or Consultant Breast Surgeon.
    • Second line treatments include a referral by your GP to the Breast Specialist at the Breast Unit.
    • To arrange a breast screening appointment contact the Breast Unit on Tel: 01481 707730.
    • Support Services
  • Palliative Care Services

    • The Palliative Care Service is committed to improve the quality of care and service experienced by patients and their families within the hospital and community setting, focusing on patients with life-limiting complex illness and pain and symptom control needs. By using an interdisciplinary approach the team works alongside primary and secondary care clinicians and other members of the multidisciplinary team to manage complex patient care, patient and family communication and care planning needs. These services are supplemental to, and coordinated with, existing departments such as Oncology nursing team, specialist cancer nurses, pain team, community nursing and discharge planning team.
    • Each team member has a role in direct patient care, and in systems improvements that will assist in identifying patients with palliative care needs, as well as improving the consistency with which palliative care is provided throughout the Bailiwick. The team provides expert clinical leadership and advice which supports health professionals in the delivery of supportive and palliative care and symptom control and are active in delivery of education and training to support and develop practice.
    • The Palliative Care team comprises of Clinical Nurse Specialists and a Social Worker. They provide physical, symptomatic, social and psychological support to patients, families and carers. They ensure patients have a holistic assessment and facilitate individual treatment and care plans to meet assessed need.
    • Contact Tel: 01481 725241 ext 4601.
  • Neuropsychology and Chronic Pain

    • The Neuropsychology and Behavioural Medicine service provides neuropsychological assessment and psychological treatment for adults with neurological conditions (Acquired Brain Injury, stroke, MS, Parkinson's, epilepsy) and for people experiencing chronic pain, including the running of a highly effective pain management program. Consultation services are provided for other health professionals and third sector organisations on issues of neuro-rehabilitation, neuropsychology and chronic pain. In addition consultation is provided on psychological functioning for people with cancer. Clinical Leadership is provided to neurorehabilitation and chronic pain teams and service developments regarding psychological well-being in long-term health conditions. The service consists of a Clinical Neuropsychologist and an assistant psychologist.
  • Consultant and Specialist Nurses

    • The Consultant & Specialist Nurses are essential for the care & support of people with long-term conditions and life-limiting illnesses.
    • Services provided can include promotion of healthy lifestyles, prevention of disease, and promotion of self management, health monitoring, supporting patients' pre and post treatment on & off island and end of life care as well as specialised assessment & treatment interventions.
    • List of Consultant and Specialist Nurses and what their role involves:
      • Pain Nurse Consultant - In patient assessment, case management & advice for acute and chronic pain. Outpatient clinics and community visits. Education for Health Care Professionals (HCPs) & the public. Runs a Pain Management Programme.
      • Respiratory Nurse Specialist - In patient assessment, case management & advice for acute and chronic respiratory disease. Outpatient clinics and home visits. Education for HCP's & public. Sleep apnoea service. Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programme & Lungevity support group.
      • Urology Nurse Consultant & Urology Nurse - Community continence service for people with urological problems. In patient assessment, case management & advice for acute and chronic disease. Outpatient clinics and community visits. Education for HCP's & public.
      • Uro-Oncology Clinical Nurse - Uro-Oncology service for men and women with urological cancers i.e. Kidney, ureter, bladder, prostate, penile and testicular. Included: out-patient assessment and follow up clinics, post diagnosis support/advice, key worker role, treatment planning, community visits, education for HCP's and public, primary and secondary prevention.
      • Colorectal & Stoma Care Consultant Nurse Specialist - Hospital based colorectal and stoma care service for people with cancer, and non-cancer related bowel problems. In patient assessment, case management and advice for bowel cancer and acute and chronic inflammatory bowel disease patients.  Outpatient clinics to provide pre-operative counselling to newly diagnosed bowel cancer and bowel disease patients requiring major bowel resections.  Also, pre-operative counselling provided for patients with bladder cancer undergoing surgery and stoma formation, and gynaecology patients requiring stoma surgery.  Community visits for post-operative stoma patients until they are well enough to attend the outpatient clinic.  Education for HCP's and public.  Works closely with Guernsey Ostomates Self Help Support group and Mary's Wish, which is a befriending service for newly diagnosed patients.
      • Tissue Viability & Lymphoedema Nurse - Specialist service to patients with a wide variety of complex wounds including pressure ulcer prevention and management, management of leg ulceration, management of traumatic injuries and complex non-healing wounds. The Tissue Viability Service delivers competency-based education and training to all staff. We offer advice and support to staff, patients and carers. Also supports people with primary lymphoedema. Works across all care settings.
      • Diabetes Nurse Consultant & Diabetes Nurse Specialist - In patient assessment, case management & advice for people diagnosed with diabetes. Adult & children services. Outpatient clinics and community visits. Education for HCP's & public including schools education programme.
      • Advanced Nurse Practitioner Breast Care - Specialist knowledge and skills to support and advise a range of patients with breast conditions, predominantly those with a cancer diagnosis. In patient assessment, case management & advice. Outpatient clinics and community visits. Education for HCP's & public. Family history clinic. Breast prostheses fitting. Pink ladies Breast Cancer Support Group.
      • Lymphoedema Nurse Specialist - Specialist knowledge and skills to support and advise a range of patients with lymphoedema developed as a consequence of cancer. Support is also available to gynaecology patients with a cancer diagnosis.  In patient assessment, case management & advice. Outpatient clinics and community visits. Education for HCP's & public. Strong link with palliative care team.

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