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Duty & Intervention Team

Comments, Compliments and Complaints - Health and Social Care

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The Duty and Intervention Team are the first point of contact for all referrals into Adult Mental Health Services within working hours.

We are the gateway into Secondary Adult Mental Health Services and receive referrals primarily from GP's, A&E and the wards at the PEH.  We are available for appointments Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm.  We aim to meet with you as soon as possible and use intensive interventions to address your difficulties.

We hope to provide a respectful, empowering service in which you feel in the driving seat on your road to recovery.

Our team comprises of Approved Social Workers, Psychiatrists, Community Mental Health Nurses and Administrative support staff.

  • Assessment

    • The Duty and Intervention Team will be responsible for emergency (within 24 hours of receipt of referral) and urgent (working week) assessments, for new referrals to services. It is to be noted that the service operates Monday to Friday 09.00hrs - 17.00hrs.
    • If a service user is already under the care of another team/worker and presents in crisis, then that team/worker should remain the initial clinical point of contact and where possible respond and manage the situation. If this is not possible, then the team/worker will be responsible for facilitating and negotiating an appropriate response via the Duty Team.
    • Brief Solution Focused Therapy and other supportive interventions along with pharmacological treatment when warranted will usually be delivered over a period not exceeding six months. There will be a formal review at 4 weeks, to plan for ending the contact or transferring to another service pathway for ongoing support and treatment.
    • If it becomes apparent early on that the service user will require a longer term intervention than within the remit of the team, the service user will be referred to the most appropriate team to best meet their needs at the earliest, but most appropriate opportunity.
    • The team holds brief meetings every morning at 09.00hrs to agree the day's work and the prioritisation of referral requests.
    • There is a weekly team meeting on Wednesdays 09:30-10:30 where all referrals and active cases are discussed with the entire team present.
  • Screening

    • The team will gather information on referrals, both from referrer and, where appropriate, the service user (via telephone) to facilitate the management of the referral and decide upon the urgency of an assessment. This information will guide the need for immediate team involvement and to inform the intake meeting discussions.
    • It is expected that all urgent referrals to the Team will involve a discussion between the referrer and the team, in addition to emailed or written communications.
    • The role of current documentation, such as prior history and risk assessment will be considered when deciding the most appropriate course of action.
  • What to expect from our Service

    • Your initial assessment appointment with a member of our Team will last for approximately one hour.  We use this time to listen to your difficulties, assess your mental health and discuss with you support which is available from mental health services, and if this is the right service for you.
    • Although our service focuses on the 'here and now' we will also ask some questions relating to your past as this helps us to have a better understanding.
    • Please note that our Team supports Nurses and Social Workers during their training. Permission is always sought from Service Users for students to take part in appointments.
  • Process of the Duty & Intervention Service

    • If you are accepted for treatment, we may offer the following interventions.
      • BRIEF—solution focussed therapy
      • Medication -prescribing reviewing and monitoring efficacy/side effects
      • Guided self-help for anxiety / depression
      • Education around your symptoms
      • Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR)
    • Following a period of engagement with DAIS, we may refer you to the following:
    • Recovery & Wellbeing Service
      • Weekly programme offering therapeutic activities and groups
      • Occupational Therapy Support
    • Psychological Services
      • Talking therapies
      • Mindfulness Group
      • EMDR therapy
    • HSC Support Groups  
      • Carers Group
      • Guernsey Health Trainers
      • Interwork/ work rehab                        
      • Voluntary Services
    • Specialist Teams
      • Outpatient Clinic
      • Community Drug & Alcohol team
      • Inpatient Service
  • Other Support Services

    • The following are examples of non-statutory services who also offer support:
      • Philippi Counsellors
      • Options
      • Guernsey Domestic Abuse Forum
      • Action for Children
      • Alcoholics Anonymous
      • Drug Concern
      • Guernsey Alcohol Advisory Services
      • CAB
      • Family Partnership
      • Surestart
  • Discharge

    • DAIT would look to discharge service users back to primary care within 8 to 12 weeks of the initial referral.
    • Due to the complexity and severity of some mental disorders, a number of service users may require on-going treatment and support.
    • If this is the case a discharge pathway may include:
      • Outpatient appointment with the sector psychiatrist
      • Community Support from Community Mental Health Nurse
      • Day Services follow up and Recovery & Wellbeing Service
      • Psychological support
  • Contact Us

    • During office hours, Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm:
    • If you have an allocated worker/nurse/social worker /therapist, call the Oberlands Centre on 725241, and ask for that Team and professional by name.
    • Make an appointment with your GP
    • Attend the ED
    • Samaritans have a daily drop-in service at their office at :
    • 2, Forest Lane, St Peter Port; search online for 'Guernsey Samaritans' for up-to-date opening times, or call their local number 01481 715515.
    • Outside office hours:
    • If you have had a mental health admission recently or you are known to secondary mental health services call 725241 and request support from nursing staff on Crevichon Ward.


Duty and Intervention Leaflet

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