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Easy read guidelines

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Easy read presents information in an accessible, easy to understand format. It's helpful for some people with learning disabilities and beneficial for people with other conditions affecting how they process information.

Easy read presents information as a combination of images and clear, understandable text.

Images are left-aligned on the page, with supporting text for each image. This image placement helps the reader understand what the written text says. 

Easy read is a global standard that comes under the right to accessible information.

  • Easy read style

    • Easy read has its own specific guidance. 
    • This includes:
      • write in very simple, plain English
      • use a clear, readable, sans serif font, for example Calibri. 
      • avoid italics, underline, bold and excessive capitals and punctuation
      • use text size 14pt as a minimum
      • provide information in clear sections and in the right order
      • each section should focus on one main point
      • use short headings to break up the information and group relative subjects
  • Easy read images

    • You could use images of places and people taken yourself, or a professional image library that specilises in easy read images. 
    • The images you use help people to understand the text that sits alongside them. They are not for decorative purposes, so they should be:
      • good quality
      • high resolution
      • clear, with a simple background that is not too busy
      • descriptive

How to make an easy read leaflet

You can make an easy read leaflet by using our msword icon easy read template [35kb] and following the style and advice given above.

Have a look at the Easy read guide on the Employment and Equal Opportuities website for an example.


Easy read leaflet template

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