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Education Law Review

Online Survey

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The Education Law in Guernsey dates from 1970 but its roots are much older and many of the descriptions and wording in it are not relevant or appropriate for today's education system. The review of the Education Law has considered what is needed in Guernsey and Alderney and how education legislation has been updated across other jurisdictions, particularly the British Isles.

In 2020, the previous Committee for Education, Sport & Culture consulted with a range of people, including the public, following its review of the Education Law, but the 2020 general election meant the review was not completed. The views provided at that time have been used to inform the current Committee in its considerations, since the general election. The Committee has sought feedback during the development of its proposals and is continuing to engage with specific groups of learners, staff, employers, education providers and community groups.

This questionnaire highlights areas of change that might be proposed for the new Law. It is a little different to the last consultation document as it focuses on those areas which might see the greatest change or those which would be of interest to the wider community rather than asking about every aspect of the Law.

Some terms and abbreviations are used as part of the questionnaire. We have provided below a short definition/explanation of these to help ensure there is a common understanding.

Compulsory Education Age

The age range when children are required to receive an education

Participation Age

The age beyond compulsory education age where young people are expected to continue with education or training. This can be alongside employment.

Early Childhood Education

Pre-school education, provided to children before they reach compulsory school age. This is offered in a range of settings including private, voluntary and independent day nurseries, and pre-schools.


Special Educational Needs and Disability

Home Education

Provision of education for children who are not enrolled in a school

Grant Aided Colleges

These are schools which receive grant funding from the States of Guernsey but are not fully funded. Currently these are The Ladies' College, Elizabeth College and Blanchelande College

Voluntary Schools

These are schools which are operated by the States but were, when the law was written, established not by the States or by the Parish. Notre Dame du Rosaire and St Mary and St Michael Primary Schools are examples of these.

Independent Schools

These are schools which receive no financial support from the States of Guernsey.


The Committee will consider all responses received and then make recommendations for new legislation in the form of a Policy Letter. If the proposals in the Policy Letter are approved by the States, new primary legislation, secondary legislation and guidance will be written as needed, to bring the proposals into effect.

How to respond

Respondents are requested to complete the questions via the online questionnaire. Please address any further comments by email to by 6 March 2023, although submissions can be made at any point before that date. If you only wish to answer certain questions you can skip sections.

Respondents have been requested to identify in which capacity they are responding. This is because it would be helpful to understand the responses according to a respondent's particular work area, role or experience. This will also enable the Committee to follow up any issues, if required. However, if a respondent chooses to provide an anonymous response, they can do so and this response will still be considered by the Committee.

Where a respondent is an agency/organisation, it is invited to provide a response on behalf of that agency/organisation or submit individual responses from members of that agency/organisation. However, it would be helpful for respondents to clarify on behalf of whom the response is submitted in the response document. For our Fair Processing Notice, please visit this page.

Online Survey

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