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Keep Guernsey Green Award

The 'Keep Guernsey Green Award' is for organisations that wish to publicise their commitment to the environment by demonstrating best practice in energy conservation and waste management.

About the Award

The 'Keep Guernsey Green Award' is offered by the States of Guernsey and is administered by the Agriculture, Countryside and Land Management Service.

The Award is for Guernsey organisations that wish to publicise their commitment to the environment. Possession of the award will demonstrate to customers, staff and business partners that the organisation:

The organisation is accredited for three years after a review and assessment of the organisation's waste management plans and practices. 

An assessor is allocated to each organisation and they work with the organisation providing support throughout the process of achieving the award; the assessor assists in helping to complete the self-assessment in such a way that will form a positive recommendation to the Verification Panel. The assessor will be able to give advice on where best practice expertise can be accessed, and will make suggestions and recommendations.  

Benefits to Gaining the Award

By choosing to be independently assessed, your organisation will demonstrate a commitment to helping Guernsey's environment. You will demonstrate to your staff and customers that the organisation plans and implements both energy conservation and waste management actions that are good for the Island, good for the organisation and good for the environment.

Care for the environment often forms part of an organisation's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Most organisations now recognise that their stakeholders expect to see evidence that the organisation is taking a responsible approach to environmental matters. As well as the feel-good factor of doing right by the environment, by continuing to monitor and implement actions, organisations can significantly reduce their energy usage and waste disposals costs. 

Current holders of the Award


The Next Step...

If you are interested in learning more about the Keep Guernsey Green Award, please complete and submit the enquiry form with details of your organisation, below.


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