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Love Food, Hate Waste, and save

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On average, local families could save as much as £600 a year by reducing food waste.

That is because as much as half of the 4,000 tonnes of food waste households will produce this year could have been eaten instead.  With the average Guernsey family spending more than £400 a month on groceries, as much as £50 is ending up in the bin.  With a few small changes, that can be avoided.

Top tips:


Christmas is a time when, no matter how hard we try and how much we plan, there are always leftovers. In the "Downloads" section on the right hand side of this page are a selection of recipes, so if you can't face another turkey sandwich then we have some great alternatives for you. Use up any leftover vegetables too if you want to add more texture and substance to the curry.


Video clips:

We've teamed up with Calum Le Noury (Operations Director at the Sarnia Hotels Group) to help you Love Food, and Hate Waste this Christmas. Calum has been sharing his tips for helping us to avoid food waste, and some delicious recipes for using up any Christmas leftovers that you might have.  These video clips will be posted on our Facebook page over the Christmas period, so keep an eye on so you can see them as soon as they go live. The recipes that Calum uses are also available in the "Downloads" section.


The Love Food Hate Waste website contains all the above tips and more, plus lots of tasty recipes, to help you cut out waste in the kitchen, which will save you money.  Just click on the Love Food Hate Waste graphic, and start thinking about what you can do with the extra money you'll have. 

And if you also want to stay in touch with the latest local information and promotions follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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