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Occupational Therapy

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Occupational Therapy is a service which helps people recovering from physical or mental illness to regain skills and overcome barriers, which enable them to live as independently as possible.

Occupational Therapists look at activities (occupations) that matter to individuals and support them to set and achieve goals, promoting wellbeing and a sense of self-worth.  To find out more about Occupational Therapy as a profession, click here to be taken to the Royal College of Occupational Therapists website.  For further information on the services we offer please see the drop down menus below.

  • Hospital and Community

    • Physical Health Occupational Therapists and assistants work within the hospital on the wards, and within the community.
    • We aim to:
      • Prevent emergency hospital admissions and readmissions
      • Support you to live at home
      • Prevent avoidable harm, such as falls
      • Encourage and facilitate independence in daily living activities
      • To work in partnership with users and carers, the voluntary sector, other agencies and other sections and groups to achieve the best possible service
      • To assist in prevention of admission or re-admission to hospital, admission to long-term care and to enable early discharge from hospital
    • How do I see an Occupational Therapist?
    • Referrals come from a range of sources including self-referrals, GPs, healthcare professionals and social workers. If you are already receiving a service from another professional, they will be able to make the referral on your behalf. If you wish to refer yourself you can contact the Community Referral Coordinator on 01481 725241.
    • Appointments: Once we have received your referral we will contact you to arrange an appointment. All the referrals we receive are prioritised based on the information we are given, and people with the most urgent needs are seen first. Due to demand for our service it is sometimes necessary for people to wait to be seen by an Occupational Therapist. We aim to see all referrals within 28 days.
  • Children's Occupational Therapy

    • The Children's Occupational Therapy Team is based at Le Rondin School. It provides a service for children who have difficulty participating in their daily activities of life. This may include things such as self-care, productivity, or leisure and play. The team aims to enable children to improve their function and participation in everyday activities, which will help to improve their well-being.
    • The age range for Children's Occupational Therapy is from 0-18 years old. Occupational Therapy intervention may include assessment, advice or therapy, and work with parents/carers, teachers, or anyone else involved in the support of a child.
    • For more information on the services The Children's Occupational Therapy Team offers please follow this link.
    • Lead Children's Occupational Therapy: ext. 7522
    • Le Rondin School: 01481 268300
  • Community Disability

    • The Community Disability Team is based at St. Martin's Community Centre. They help support adults in a community setting with physical or sensory impairments such as Parkinson's Disease or Multiple Sclerosis.
    • The Occupational Therapist who works in this team aims to help individuals be as independent as they can, whilst protecting them and ensuring that they are cared for adequately. They strive to prevent social exclusion within the community and promote a sense of wellbeing for the vulnerable people they work with. An Occupational Therapist is just one part of the multidisciplinary team that works within the community - The rest of the team includes a lead nurse, social worker, support workers and a clinical specialist.
    • For more information on the services The Community Disability Team offers please follow this link.
    • St. Martin's Community Centre: 01481 230000
    • Community Disability Occupational Therapy: ext. 7106
  • Community Learning Disability

    • The Community Learning Disability Team supports adults with learning disabilities in the community setting. These individuals are over 18 years of age.
    • A learning disability is defined as those with impaired intelligence and impaired social/adaptive functioning, which started before adulthood and has a lasting effect on their capabilities for development.
    • The Occupational Therapist that works within this team aims to support these individuals to live life as fully and independently as possible, whilst protecting them and maintaining a sense of wellbeing.
    • For more information on the services The Community Learning Disability Team offers please follow this link.
    • St. Martin's Community Centre: 01481 230000
    • Learning Disability Occupational Therapy: ext. 7116
  • Inpatient Rehabilitation

    • Inpatient Rehabilitation is based on Le Marchant Ward at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital. Patients in need of general rehabilitation following injury or illness as well as those who have has a Stroke & Acquired Brain Injury are seen on Le Marchant Ward.
    • A patient's stay on Le Marchant is likely to be longer than on an Acute ward, as they will have a rehabilitation treatment plan to follow. Occupational Therapists work closely with the multidisciplinary team which includes nursing staff, physiotherapy, speech and language, and consultants.
    • General Rehab
    • There are a variety of needs that might bring someone to the rehabilitation ward, such as Parkinson's Disease, falls and balance, post orthopaedic/general surgery, or general deterioration of someone's health where they need a period of rehab to build them back up again.
    • If a patient is transferred from an Acute ward, they may have already been seen by an Occupational Therapist; therefore a new referral will not be needed. However if a patient has not been seen before (on this admission), or is admitted from the community, a referral will need to be made to Occupational Therapy.
    • Stroke & ABI
    • Anybody admitted to the hospital with a confirmed or suspected Stroke/TIA (transient ischaemic attack) will be seen and assessed within 72 hours. This assessment takes place on whichever ward the patient has been admitted to and rehabilitation begins, which will then be continued on Le Marchant Ward if appropriate (not every person with a suspected Stroke/TIA is admitted to Le Marchant).
    • For both General Rehab and Stroke, an assessment will take place and if the patient is appropriate for Occupational Therapy input, a treatment plan and patient-centred goals will be set. These goals will be reviewed regularly and are likely to change as the patient progresses and becomes more independent.
  • Mental Health Occupational Therapy

    • Occupational Therapists working in Mental Health work in the following teams,
      • Adult Inpatient-Crevichon Ward
      • Recovery and Rehabilitation Team
      • Older Adult Community Mental Health Team
      • Recovery and Wellbeing Service
    • They provide person-centred interventions to promote function in relation to productivity (work roles, education), leisure and self-care activities.
    • Referrals are made by the GP, or internally. They go through an allocation process and then the individual will be assessed accordingly.
    • For more information on the services in Mental Health follow this link.
  • How do I contact an Occupational Therapist?

    • Physical Health Occupational Therapist's can be contacted on,
    • Occupational Therapy Department
    • Princess Elizabeth Hospital, Rue Mignot, St Martins, GY4 6UU. Tel: 01481 725241 ext.4085
    • Mental Health Occupational Therapist's can be contacted on,
    • Recovery and Wellbeing Service
    • Tel: 01481 725241 ext.3630 or 01481 707727 (direct line)
    • Children's Occupational Therapist's can be contacted on,
    • Tel: 01481 725241 ext. 7522


Occupational Therapy Services

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