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**Please read first: About Certificates and Permits**

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  • What is a Certificate or Permit?

    • A Certificate or Permit confirms a person's right to live and work in Guernsey and will show any conditions that apply.
    • Under the previous Housing Control Law people held Housing Licences or Declarations of Lawful Residence which were often referred to as 'Right to Work' documents.
    • A person can hold a Permit based on either their personal or employment circumstances. A person can hold a Certificate based on their personal circumstances only.
  • About Certificates and Permits based on personal circumstances

    • These are not associated with a person's employment but usually allow a person to undertake any employment in Guernsey. The holder of a Certificate or Permit based on their personal circumstances will often have a strong family connection to Guernsey.
    • Some Permits enable a person to be a householder and to accommodate their family whereas other Permits are conditional on the holder either living with a named person (for example as an immediate family member of a householder) or in a certain category of housing (for example as the lodger in an Open Market Part A Private Family Home).
    • A person who holds a Certificate is able to be a householder and accommodate their family members and other Permit holders who are required to be accommodated by a householder.
  • About Employment Permits

  • Who needs one?

    • Everyone who lives in Guernsey and is aged 16 and over needs to hold a Certificate or Permit. If a person who is under 16 years old wishes to work, they will need to apply for a Certificate or Permit.
    • To apply for a Certificate or Permit, you need to register for an online account on our website here.
    • Click here to find out what type of Certificate or Permit you may need.
    • Click here to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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