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It is a requirement for all visitors to produce photo identification. Failure to produce, will result in access being denied. Visitors must arrive 15 minutes before the visit start time and late arrivals will not be allowed entry.

You will be issued with a locker key for all your personal belongings but please leave items in your car such as mobile phones and smoking materials if you are able to as these are prohibited items within the prison.

On entering the visits hall, you will be allocated a numbered table with seating. Prisoners are only permitted to sit on the prisoner designated seats in the Visits Hall. Adults are not permitted to share seats or sit on another's lap. Seating is limited, the entitlement is three adults, and the number of children will be arranged prior to the booking on the booking form.

Any persons under the age of 18 MUST have a child visit consent form completed by a parent/guardian and MUST be accompanied by an adult.

Visitors must ensure that any visiting children do not run around the Visits Hall. At all times, children remain the responsibility of the visiting adult. There is a play area within the Visits Hall.

The Visits Hall is a family area and should be treated as such.

It is acceptable (if appropriate) to embrace the prisoner upon arrival and departure from the Visits Hall. Contact should be kept to an appropriate level. Hands must be in sight at all times.

Inappropriate contact is not permitted and will be challenged by an Officer, and this may result in the visitor being asked to leave.

Prison staff are always present during the visit to ensure the area is safe and comfortable for visitors and prisoners.


All Visitors will be subject to a rub down search by an Officer prior to entering the visits area.

Prams and pushchairs will be left in the searching area and the allowance of taking minimal items for the babies such as premade milk bottle will be permitted.

If you use the toilet facilities during a visit, you will be subject to another search by staff before you re-join the person you are visiting.

Any visitor who indicates signs of drug activity by Prison staff or the Drug Detector Dog will not be permitted entry and will be asked to leave.

Unauthorised Articles

Bringing any prohibited items into the Prison such as mobile phones, smoking material drugs, alcohol, weapons may result in a custodial sentence and/or a £3000 fine and a visiting ban for 3 months.

Right of Entry

The Governor reserves the right to refuse entry to the Prison to anyone who is disruptive, under the influence of alcohol/drugs (excluding medical use) or has served a term of imprisonment within the last three months (with exception of authorisation). If there are child protection concerns, visitors may not be permitted to see prisoners.

Prisoners and Visitors must be appropriately dressed and if they are not, entry may be refused.

2024 Visiting Times

Visits are booked by the prisoners via an application form. This form must be submitted at least 72 hours in advance of the visit.

Children Visits 14:15hrs - 15:45hrs

Purple Visits

Purple visits offers a secure video calling platform for those in a custodial setting whose loved ones are unable to visit. It helps prisoners and their loved ones keep in contact.

Find out more by scanning the QR code below using your phone's camera or by going to

Purple Visits QR Code


Visits Information Booklet

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