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Transition 14-19

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Transition planning for students aged 14-19 with a Determination of Special Educational Needs

  • What is Transition?

    • 'Transition' means change and refers to the time when a young person is moving on from full-time education at school.
    • All young people receive support to help them plan their choices and decisions. Young People with a Determination of Special Educational Needs (SEN) will require extra help with this planning which is co-ordinated by the 'Transitions Team' in liaison with the school.
    • The important transition points for young people include:
      • Age13/14 (School Year 9) - making decisions about what to study in years 10 and 11
      • Age 15/16 (School Year 11) - making decisions about what to do after year 11
      • Age 16+ (School Years 12 and above) - making decisions about what to do after leaving full-time education.
  • What is Covered in the Transition Plan?

    • Each young person is treated as an individual with varying levels of achievement at school and different aspirations and ideas for the future. They may also have different kinds of people and agencies supporting them. The Transition Plan includes:
      • A summary of achievements at school
      • A summary of the student's aspirations for the future
      • Realistic targets to help students make progress towards their goals
      • Action points for the student and the people supporting the student
    • The Transition Plan relates to a young person's further education, training and employment options. It also seeks to identify support needs in other areas of a young person's life, for example, housing, transport, health and leisure.
  • Guernsey Map to Adulthood

    • A range of information leaflets and documents is available to download to give parents/carers and students further information about the help and support available to young people with special educational needs to make transition smoother.
    • These resources have been produced by students, parents and professionals as part of a project called Guernsey Map to Adulthood which aimed to pool expertise to provide co-ordinated and coherent progression pathways that will prepare young people with specific needs for adulthood.


Introduction to and Overview of Guernsey Map to Adulthood Guernsey Map to Adulthood - Information about Moving On (small foldable leaflet for students) Le Murier School Information Leaflet Guernsey College of FE Access Course Information Leaflet Friends of St Martin's Day Service Drop Inns Leaflet Work Rehabilitation Support Leaflet

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