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Fun Palace!
Monday 25 September 2017

'Everyone an artist, everyone a scientist'.

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Construction progressing well on new Longue Hougue waste facility
Friday 22 September 2017

A new facility to process waste from households and businesses, prior to export for energy recovery or recycling, will open at Longue Hougue next year.

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ESC responds to union comments
Thursday 21 September 2017

The Committee for Education, Sport & Culture welcomes the comments from the National Education Union (NEU) which it has received as part of its engagement on proposals for the future structure of secondary and post-16 education.

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Bulk refuse

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Bulk Refuse is a service that allows for large household items or a vehicle to be collected and taken away.

  • Bulk Refuse

    • This 'Bulk Refuse' service covers:
      • The disposal of up to five bulky household items (£15);
      • The collection and disposal of Guernsey registered vehicles (free if you can take the vehicle to the scrap-yard yourself, or £30 if you need the vehicle to be picked up).
    • Household items which have not reached the end of their useful life might be of use to other people. Before submitting items to be taken away, please take some time to think about whether someone else might still want to use it. If the item has any possible use left, you could consider putting the item on E-cycle where someone might find a new home for it. Alternatively, you can take re-usable domestic wood and metal furniture to Longue Hougue Recycling Facility where they may be picked up by someone else.
    • Smaller household items that would not be collected with your black bag waste, but which are easily transportable in a private car (e.g. microwaves, vacuum cleaners etc) fall outside the Bulk Refuse scheme. However, you can deliver these for recycling/disposal (as appropriate) yourself. Metal and electrical items and reusable wood items may be taken free of charge to the Longue Hougue Waste Recycling Facility. Items that cannot be recycled can be taken to the Mont Cuet landfill site for disposal where a small charge will apply, based on the scale of £2 per black bag or black bag equivalent. If a large amount of material is involved, the load may need to be weighed.
  • Online Application

    • You can complete an application online for both bulky refuse collection and the scrapping of end of life vehicles. Please note that there are various things to be aware of when completing the application:
    • 1. The application process requires you to submit your name, address and contact details. This information is used solely in relation to your bulk refuse application;
    • 2. Many of the fields are mandatory;
    • 3. You should avoid using symbols (such as &) in your application as this can cause problems;
    • 4. Only click the submit button once. If the form does not submit, some fields may have been missed.
    • 5. Your application will need to be signed by ticking the 'signed' box.
  • Disposal of Household Items

    • Before you complete the forms please take the time to read the following conditions:
    • 1. The Bulk Refuse Scheme is for household use only. It does not cover commercial use.
    • 2. The charge for bulky item collection is £15, for which you can have up to five items collected in a single pick up.
    • 3. You may only submit one form at a time. If you have more than five items another form (which will also be charged at £15) can be submitted after the first collection has been made.
    • 4. Items not deemed suitable for bulk refuse collection will not be collected. Items that are currently not collected include: cardboard, garden waste, tyres, jacuzzis and pianos. Other items may be rejected (either at application or collection) if they are considered inappropriate.
    • 5. The timescale of collection will depend on the nature of the items submitted and how busy we are at the time.
    • 6. You should aim to contact us as soon as possible if you wish to cancel your collection. If you do not cancel your collection and a team calls to your property, your fee may be forfeit.
    • 7. Collections are generally carried out between 8am and 3pm on Monday and Tuesday each week. If you have chosen to be notified of the collection date in advance you will be contacted a few days before collection. We ask that you leave your items outside so it is easy for the collection men to access them. We also ask that items (such as mattresses and carpets), that could gain weight when wet are protected from rain.
    • 8. If an item cannot be collected for any reason, the collection team will leave a note to explain.
    • 9. Items that are very large or very heavy (such as an oil tank) will be referred to a separate contractor for collection. These items should still be kept outside for the contractor to access, but times and days may differ to that of standard items.
    • 10. It is recommended that oil tanks are professionally purged. If oil tanks are not empty of oil, additional charges may be incurred.
    • 11. Please do not leave any items not to be collected near the items for disposal or they may be mistaken for part of an item on your list and may also be collected for disposal.
  • Disposal of a Vehicle

    • A vehicle at the end of its life is classed as hazardous waste meaning that it needs to be scrapped in a safe and environmentally friendly manner at Guernsey's Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF), Guernsey Recycling. Therefore, vehicles are expected to be in a complete state and not partially dismantled prior to scrapping (see point 3).
    • Before you complete the form please take the time to read the following conditions:
    • 1. We will check the application has been made by the registered owner. Any application not from the registered owner will be rejected.
    • 2. If your vehicle is less than two tonnes (most cars will be) then you will have the option to have it collected. If it is over two tonnes you will have to take responsibility for delivering it to the scrap yard. The weight of your vehicle will be shown (in CWT) on your registration document (note: 2 tonnes = 40CWT)
    • 3. If any parts have been removed (and will not be supplied with the vehicle or have not been disclosed on the application form) it may not be possible for the recycling centre to dispose of your vehicle. Therefore please disclose any missing or dismantled parts to the Bulk Refuse team.
    • The team will help you by letting you know if the vehicle can be disposed of through this scheme. If you fail to disclose missing or dismantled parts and a truck arrives to collect your car, the driver may refuse to collect the vehicle and you may be charged for their wasted journey, or, if delivering the vehicle yourself, the recycling centre may charge an additional fee for disposing of vehicles that are missing essential parts, e.g. the engine, gearbox, bodywork or wheels.
    • 4. All vehicles being scrapped must be empty of rubbish or anything else that is not part of the actual vehicle.
    • 5. If your vehicle requires collection then it will be passed onto our contractor: The collection service carries a £30 fee, which is payable at the time of the application.
    • 6. If you apply for a collection but the vehicle is found to contain rubbish or any other material, the vehicle may not be collected and your collection fee may be forfeit.
    • 7. Collections are generally made within one week of receiving the application but it can take longer at busy times.
    • 8. If your vehicle doesn't need collection, there is no charge; you will be sent a letter which should be taken with the vehicle to Guernsey Recycling (scrap yard)
    • 9. If your vehicle has been converted to Liquid Petroleum Gas you must notify the Bulk Refuse team.
  • Contact Us

    • If you have a question that has not been answered by us on this page, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Bulk Refuse team on tel: (01481) 231234 or email

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