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Driving and Parking in Guernsey

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On this page find information on driving in Guernsey, small car, Blue Badge and motorcycle parking, as well as disc & approved (23 hour) parking zones. Also residents parking scheme, weekend and overnight parking and how to apply for parking to be suspended for works


  • Driving in Guernsey

    • Driving in Guernsey is different.  The roads are narrow and there are special rules and there may be some road signs and road markings that may not be familiar to you.
    • Further information on driving in Guernsey can be found be clickingpdf icon here [642kb].   This information is also provided in French and German and available in the downloads section.
  • Prohibited streets & vehicle permits & trailers

    • Click here for oversize vehicle permit information and permit application forms.
  • Accessible Parking (Blue Badge) and Transport

    • For further information on driving with a medical condition, how to apply for a 'blue badge' allowing you to park in Accessible Bays and Accessible Transport please follow this link. Follow this link for an accessible parking spaces map in St Peter Port North. Follow this link for an accessible parking spaces map in St Peter Port South.
  • Parking - Disc, Approved & Accessible (Blue Badge) spaces

    • All public parking in Guernsey (with the exception of the Guernsey Airport) is free.  However, most on-street parking and car parks are marked as 'disc zone' and you must use an approved Parking Clock to indicate your time of arrival, day or night. 
    • Disc Parking zones are identified by blue signs bearing the words 'Disc Zone' which define the amount of time you can park in that zone.
    • The time limit for that particular zone starts from the time you arrive and park your vehicle.
    • Failure to set your clock (disc) at the correct time or if you re-set your clock without moving your vehicle may result in a fixed penalty notice being attached to your vehicle.
    • You must not park for longer than the specified period for that parking zone unless that period ends after 6pm, in which case you may park until 8am the following morning - i.e:
      • if you park in a 2 hour parking space at 7am, you must set your clock at the time you park (07:00) you must move your vehicle before 9am (as your 2 hour period ends after 8am). 
      • If you pack in a 2 hour parking space at 5pm, set you clock for 17:00 and, as your 2 hour period ends after 6pm, you can stay until 8am the following day.
    • Having left a disc-parking zone you must not park within the same zone for 30 minutes.
    • Disc parking zones are in half-hour, hour, two-hour, three hour, five-hour, or ten-hour time limits.
    • Parking clocks are available for purchase from Driver & Vehicle Licensing Bulwer Avenue Office, the Guernsey Information Centre and the Police Station for £3.00. They are also available from most garages and a number of retail outlets but may cost more.
    • Note:  There are a number of exemptions in relation to Disc Parking.  See 'Sunday and Bank Holidays', 'Weekend Parking' and 'Residents Parking Scheme' below for further information. 
    • In addition to Disc Parking zones, there are also 'approved parking zones' which are for 23-hour periods and do not require a parking clock (disc) to be displayed.
    • Click here for parking zone map of St Peter Port north and click here for a parking zone map of St Peter Port south.
    • Click here for parking zone map for St Sampson north and click here for parking zone map for St Sampson south.
    • Residents of streets with a disc-parking zone may benefit from a Residents Parking Permit. Details can be found below.
  • Sunday and Bank Holiday Parking

    • Parking time is not limited on Sundays or Bank Holidays. Therefore, if your time limit period ends after 6pm on Saturday you can remain parked until 8am on the following Monday morning, or in the case of a Bank Holiday you do not have to move your vehicle until 8am the day after.
  • Weekend Parking (Useful for weekend trips to Herm and Sark)

    • Parking is not limited in the following disc parking areas on Saturdays, Sundays or Bank Holidays:
      • The Odeon Car Park
      • Salerie Car Park
      • Mignot Plateau
      • Click here for a map of the zones
    • Therefore, in the above areas, if your time limit period ends after 6pm on the Friday you can remain parked until 8am on the following Monday morning, or in the case of a Bank Holiday you do not have to move your vehicle until 8am the day after.
  • Parking for Motorcycles

    • Motorcycles cannot be parked in a disc parking zone. They can however park in approved parking areas (23-hour parking) or any designated motorcycle park for a period not exceeding 23 hours.
    • Click here to see a map of motorcycle parking in St Peter Port
    • Click here to see a parking map in other locations.
  • Parking at Night

    • Vehicles parked at night must show lights unless they are parked in a disc zone or approved parking place. Single parking lights are not allowed. Vehicles must not be parked facing oncoming traffic.
  • Residents Parking Scheme

  • Small Car Parking

    • The Committee for the Environment & Infrastructure wish to encourage the use of smaller vehicles in the Island as they can bring environmental benefits and are better suited to our narrow roads. As part of its Road Transport Strategy it has introduced small car parking schemes at Salerie Corner, North Beach, Albert Pier, Crown Pier, Cornet Street, Candie Road, and Mignot Plateau that provide dedicated preferentially located parking spaces for small cars near St Peter Port town centre.
    • For further information of the scheme and examples of the types of vehicle that are entitled to use the bays follow this link. Drivers are reminded that it is a requirement of the scheme for drivers to park their vehicle entirely within the markings of the bay.
  • Suspension of Parking

    • Permission can be given by Traffic & Highway Services for approved or disc parking or an unloading bay to be suspended, in which case warning signs are put out and parking is not allowed between the signs for the duration of time specified on the signs.
    • Parking is only suspended if absolutely necessary, for reasons such as to allow work to be carried out on that road, to allow removal lorries to park, or to allow loading or unloading.
    • Please follow the link for further information and application forms.


Transport for people with disabilities & information on mobility scooters Weekend & bank holiday parking for extended resident parking permit holders Car motorcycle & accessible parking map St Peter Port North Car motorcycle & accessible parking map St Peter Port South St Sampson North Parking Zone Map St Sampson South Parking Zone Map Driving in Guernsey is different Autofahren auf Guernsey ist einfach anders Circuler a Guernesey c'est different Streets for which extended parking permits apply

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