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Island Development Plan, Local Planning Briefs & Subject Plans

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Development Plans, Local Planning Briefs and Subject Plans set out what can be built, where, and how buildings are used. They are used to plan strategically, looking at future needs to be addressed, what change is likely to happen and where, and what policies are needed to achieve this.

Planning policies seek to balance social, environmental and economic considerations to ensure that new development supports the public interest.

The Planning Law places a duty on the Authority to produce Development Plans, Local Planning Briefs and Subject Plans as appropriate to allow the States to manage development across the island and set out the factors it will take into account when deciding planning applications.

The Authority must consider any approved Development Plans, Local Planning Briefs or Subject Plans when deciding applications for planning permission.

  • The Island Development Plan (IDP)

    • The Island Development Plan (IDP) was adopted by the States of Guernsey on the 2nd November 2016. In addition to the IDP, the Authority may bring forward from time to time as necessary other statutory plans known as Local Planning Briefs or Subject Plans. The IDP, together with other statutory approved plans, form the land use planning policy framework for the Island.
    • For information about the history of the IDP, including the process for preparing and adopting the Draft IDP and public consultation, please visit the History of the IDP.
    • Online
    • The Island Development Plan (2016) Written Statement and Proposals Map are now available online:
    • pdf icon Island Development Plan (2016) [20Mb] and Proposals Map
    • Interactive version
    • Please also find a copy of the pdf icon Interactive Island Development Plan (2016) [16Mb]  which includes a range of interactive features to help you navigate around the document.
    • The associated Environmental Statement and its Non Technical Summary are also available to download:
    • pdf icon Environmental Statement 2016 [8Mb]
    • pdf icon Non Technical Summary of EIA for Island Development Plan 2016 [329kb]
    • Where can I purchase and view copies of the Island Development Plan and associated documents?
    • Please contact the Planning Service at for this information.
  • Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG)

    • Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) are documents covering a range of subjects which are provided for under the Island Development Plan or another statutory plan and which provide further guidance for development on specific sites or particular issues and add further detail based on the policies and proposals of the Island Development Plan or other statutory Plan.
    • They assist developers, applicants and planning officers in discussions prior to the submission of planning applications and provide a context for the evaluation of planning applications. SPGs will be taken into account when considering proposals for development requiring planning permission but they are not part of the IDP so do not have the same status as the Plan.
    • There are five SPGs relating specifically to policies of the IDP and covering the following topics - Affordable Housing; Traffic Impact Assessments and Parking Standards; Community Plans, Change of use of Visitor Accommodation, and; Defining Redundant Glasshouse Sites. These documents have been approved by Development & Planning Authority and can be found below. These documents form material planning considerations for planning applications.
    • In addition, the Development & Planning Authority has also adopted (on 23 July 2020) Guernsey's Strategy for Nature Framework Document as SPG so that this document can be taken into account when decisions on individual planning applications are being reached, insofar as is lawful and proportionate under the Land Planning and Development (Guernsey) Law, 2005 and the relevant provisions of the IDP. The purposes of the Land Planning and Development Law (2005) include 'to preserve and promote biological diversity'. The purposes of the Law are translated into high level strategic land use policy as contained in the Strategic Land Use Plan (SLUP), and more detailed land use policy in the IDP. IDP policies GP2 and GP3 specifically say that the 'Biodiversity Strategy, and details emerging from it, will be taken into account'. The Strategy for Nature is also a fundamental part of climate change mitigation, which is a planning consideration through IDP policies. As Guernsey's Strategy for Nature will be subject to regular review by the Committee for the Environment & Infrastructure and reference to the States, the Framework Document will be updated from time to time to reflect any changes that are made to the strategy.
    • In the future, there are likely to be additional SPGs prepared on topics as required and from time-to-time SPGs will be reviewed, amended and updated as appropriate.
    • pdf icon Affordable Housing SPG 2016 [369kb]
    • pdf icon Community Plans SPG 2016 [238kb]
    • pdf icon Parking Standards and Traffic Impact Assessment SPG 2016 [279kb]
    • pdf icon Visitor Accommodation SPG 2016 [293kb]
    • pdf icon Defining Redundant Glasshouse Sites SPG 2018. [1Mb]
    • ⇒ pdf icon Strategy for Nature 2020 [12Mb]
  • Annual and Quarterly Monitoring Reports

    • Monitoring of the Island Development Plan is needed to assess if the Plan is being effective in achieving its objectives and remains relevant. If not, necessary adjustments to policy can be made through a statutory process or there may be a need for guidance or other action by the Planning Service. This process enables the Island Development Plan to maintain sufficient flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances.
    • The Planning Service produces two types of monitoring report. Quarterly Monitoring Reports provide basic information on the delivery of housing and employment uses. The Annual Monitoring Reports are more comprehensive and cover a wider range of topics, analyse trends, include feedback from stakeholders and can recommend actions that may need to be taken.
    • Extensive research is also undertaken on different areas of interest to inform the monitoring of the Island Development Plan. These evidence reports, annual and quarterly monitoring reports can all be found here.
  • Local Planning Briefs

    • Local Planning Briefs are required where there are strategic land use implications and a number of policy issues that need to be resolved.
    • They generally relate to strategic sites, often in multiple ownership and likely to accommodate large scale developments. They offer a valuable framework to help achieve a co-ordinated approach to development. Complex infrastructure arrangements, urban design solutions, phasing of developments and achieving a variety of planning objectives can all be successfully guided by an Local Planning Brief.
    • Local Planning Briefs are subject to consultations with States Committees, landowners, other relevant organisations and the public. They are then subjected to a public Planning Inquiry before being submitted to the States of Deliberation for approval.
    • Once adopted, the Brief actually becomes a formal amendment to the approved Development Plan.
    • It should be noted that under the Land Planning and Development (Guernsey) Law, 2005, the title 'Local Planning Brief' replaced the former term used for this kind of documents, 'Outline Planning Brief'.
    • The are no Local Planning Briefs currently adopted. Examples of previous LPBs are:
    • pdf icon Belgrave Vinery Outline Planning Brief [7Mb]
    • pdf icon Glategny Esplanade Outline Planning Brief [1Mb]
    • pdf icon Le Bouet Outline Planning Brief (Combined) [543kb]
    • pdf icon Leales Yard Outline Planning Brief [1Mb]
    • Preparing a draft Local Planning Brief for Longue Hougue South
    • In April 2020, the States directed the Development & Planning Authority (D&PA) to produce a Local Planning Brief for the area immediately south of the current Longue Hougue site, for a potential future inert waste facility. It would be used to dispose of materials from local construction and demolition projects, such as rubble, stone and earth, which is classed as 'inert waste'.
    • Currently, residual inert waste is disposed of at the Longue Hougue Reclamation Site. This site is expected to be full by around 2023. While there is scope to reduce the amount of residual waste produced - through better prevention, reuse and recycling - the States have recognised there will be an ongoing requirement for a replacement recovery or disposal facility. In searching for a new inert waste site, the Committee for the Environment & Infrastructure and States Trading Supervisory Board, the States' Committees with the mandate for waste, looked at 50 potential solutions, and identified further development at Longue Hougue as the best option.
    • A specialist firm, LUC has been commissioned by the D&PA to draw up the draft Local Planning Brief for Longue Hougue South. This process will consider studies that have been undertaken to date, including the extensive site selection process and an environmental impact assessment, and will also seek views from Islanders, local environmental groups, and affected parishes, as well as relevant States' Committees from an early stage.The resulting draft Local Planning Brief  and proposals map will be subject to a full independent planning inquiry before being brought before the States for consideration.
    • Please click here for further detailed information about the project , what is happening now and how you can have your say . These pages will be updated regularly in relation to the content and format of each consultation period (i.e. what is being consulted on and how comments should be submitted).  


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