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Economic overview suggests positive conditions
Thursday 19 January 2017

Most of Guernsey's economic indicators are continuing to show positive trends, latest data has revealed.

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The Committee for Employment and Social Security Public Hearing
Tuesday 17 January 2017

The Scrutiny Management Committee is holding its next public hearing with the Committee for Employment & Social Security on Wednesday 18th January 2017.

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States asked to approve extra funding for new waste facilities
Monday 16 January 2017

States Members are being asked to extend the Policy & Resources Committee's delegated authority to approve funding for new waste management facilities at Longue Hougue.

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Policy & Resource Plan

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Guernsey - Great today, better tomorrow.

All organisations need a vision and a plan, and the States of Guernsey is no different. To make informed decisions about our priorities, we need to know where we are going - our vision; and how we intend to get there - our plan.

Future Guernsey - Phase one of the Policy & Resource Plan

On 10 October 2016, the Policy & Resources Committee published the first phase of the Policy & Resource Plan which is known as 'Future Guernsey' (available in the downloads section on this page).  It sets out where the island should be in 20 years' time and how together we will make it happen.  It is a 'programme for government' expressing in clear and unambiguous language what the States will be doing.

Future Guernsey will provide the basis for the second phase of the Policy and Resource Plan which will be developed in the coming months and signed off by the States in June 2017.  It is a plan for the community, not just a plan for the States of Guernsey.


Over the past few years the States Review Committee have undertaken a significant piece of work to review Guernsey's machinery of government. Its recommendations were agreed by the States Assembly. As part of this, the Policy & Resources Committee was directed to produce a Policy & Resource Plan to guide the planning and coordination of the work of the States.  It was a stated aim that unlike some of its recent predecessors, this plan should be reasonably straightforward, flexible and un-bureaucratic.  It should focus on significant policy matters and lay down a framework of overall policy assumptions in order to assist Principal Committees in the setting of their policies and priorities.


The development of the Plan can be split into two stages.

Work commenced on developing the Plan in early May, shortly after the election of the new States Assembly.  Below is a timeline highlighting the milestones in the process to date and also what the next steps will be.

If you have any questions about the Policy & Resource Plan please contact the Strategy and Policy Team at


Future Guernsey - Phase one of the Policy & Resource Plan P&R Plan Timeline

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