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States to livestream public meeting on L'Ancresse East proposals
Friday 18 August 2017

A second public presentation on the proposed managed realignment of the coast at L'Ancresse is being held at 7.30pm on Tuesday 22nd August.

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July 2017 unemployment
Friday 18 August 2017

There were 284 people unemployed at the end of July 2017, a decrease of 37 on the June 2017 figure.

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Prestigious speakers flying in for Early Years Conference
Thursday 17 August 2017

Parents and professionals working with young children will have the chance to hear from leaders in the field of Early Years education at a special one day conference being hosted in Guernsey on 2nd September.

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Professional Development and Training

Contact Us - Skills Guernsey

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Introduction to Skills Guernsey

The key to survival and development in the current economic climate is enhancing and utilising assets to their full potential. Skills Guernsey is an umbrella term which involves organisations from across both the civil service and private providers who both coordinate and deliver training, helping to enable the local business community to achieve and maintain a competitive edge in the global marketplace.

  • Who are Skills Guernsey?

    • The Skills Guernsey Management Committee, a subcommittee of the Committee for Education, Sport and Culture, will aim to contribute to the States of Guernsey 'Strategic Plan', States of Guernsey 'Future Guernsey' Plan and the specific objectives set out above through the development and ongoing evolution of a Skills Strategy for the Bailiwick of Guernsey. The overarching term for this initiative is 'Skills Guernsey'.
  • What are Skills Guernsey going to do?

    • Skills Guernsey will be working in partnership to develop a skills strategy for the Bailiwick of Guernsey which, in its implementation, will seek to:
    • 1. Ensure a workforce that is well educated, highly skilled and sustainable (equipped with transferable skills) that supports the Island's competitiveness and prosperity;
    • 2. Enable opportunities for, and fully utilise the potential workforce, at all levels through a focus on lifelong learning and lifetime employability.
    • This will be achieved by ensuring that strategy and policy for skills and participation in the workforce takes account of, and is allied to, the broader aims for education, social cohesion and economic development expressed in the States of Guernsey 'Strategic Plan' and States of Guernsey 'Future Guernsey' Plan.
  • Skills Guernsey will also...

    • 1. Provide advice and data to the Committees for Education, Sport and Culture and Economic Development ; the  Population Employment Advisory Panel (PEAP) and other States of Guernsey Committees as required, for the purposes of shaping policies relating to skills ;
    • 2. Commission and consider any analysis, market intelligence reports and submissions from industry relating to the working population skills needs and disseminate information and findings to relevant government and private sector organisations / training providers as appropriate;
    • 3. Ensure a co-ordinated approach to the provision of skills development by publicly funded training providers (viz., the Institute of Health and Social Care, the GTA University Centre and the Guernsey College of Further Education) which promulgates regular dialogue and the sharing of information, and minimises duplication of provision to effect the efficient use of public funds. The market intelligence gathered by Skills Guernsey to be used to help inform outcome agreements between the providers and Education, Sport and Culture.
  • Support for Skills Guernsey

    • For Skills Guernsey to continue to succeed, your engagement is key. We need to ensure that the workforce of the future develops skills to meet the needs of our Island industries including emerging industries and technologies and this requires the involvement of employers both in delivering practical work placements and in feeding into the design and content of courses. We want to ensure that Guernsey maximises the opportunities to make and create a more responsive system. We are grateful to employers who were keen to play an increasingly central role both in articulating their workforce needs and skills gaps, and supporting Skills Guernsey providers in the design and delivery of qualifications and training opportunities.

If you want to hear more about Skills Guernsey please get in touch:

Louise Misselke

Simon Le Tocq

Tracy Mclean

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