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Support that may be available to you, even if you don't qualify for income support

Contact Us - Income Support

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Are you struggling to make ends meet but don't qualify for income support?

Your income support level, also known as your Requirement Rate, is determined based on an assessment of your income and needs. If you are above the income support level, there may still be help available to you.


  • Treatment of savings and assets 

    • If you have savings or a capital asset(s) (not including the home in which you live) above the levels shown below, you will not qualify for any support through the income support scheme, but you might become eligible as soon as your savings dip below the relevant limit set out in the table below.
    • Household2023 capital limits
      Single person£15,000
      Family with 1 child£20,000
      Family with 2 children£25,000
      Family with 3+ children£27,000
    • If you have savings above the capital limits, but your weekly income is no longer enough to meet your needs, please contact income support and advice will be provided on how long the excess savings (the amount of savings held above the relevant limit) are expected to be used to supplement your weekly income before you would become eligible for income support.
  • Help with medical and para-medical costs 

    • If you don't qualify for income support, but your weekly income exceeds the income support level by less than £60 per week and your savings are less than the relevant limit set out in the table below, then your medical and para-medical costs may be covered through the income support scheme.
    • Examples of medical support include help with prescription charges, costs associated with visiting a GP, physiotherapist, osteopath, chiropractor, and chiropodist.
    •  2023 medical capital limits 
      Single person below pension age£3,500
      Single person of pension age£6,000
      Single person or couple with one or more children£6,000
      Couple, both of whom are below pension age£6,000
      Couple, one or both of whom are of pension age£8,000
    • In exceptional circumstances, medical cover can be provided even if your weekly income exceeds the income support level by more than £60 per week, and the need is established by the Income Support team on an individual case basis.
  • Help with the cost of living with a disability

    • This help is available to anyone, even if you don't qualify for income support.
    • Help with the cost of equipment, aids, and appliances for those not on income support is provided following a means-test. The means-test doesn't necessarily apply to an individual, i.e. a couple living together would be assessed as a single unit. The purpose of the means-test is to assess your ability to cover or contribute to the cost and to determine the level of funding support that we should provide. This does not mean that we would expect you to use up all your savings. Requests for specialist equipment or adaptations are usually supported by referrals from Occupational Therapists working within Health & Social Services. 
    • Income Support can also, in exceptional circumstances, award grants or loans towards the alteration of property in relation to medical need. Please contact us for more information.


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