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Free annual dental check-ups for children

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Thursday 19 May 2022

The Committee for Health & Social Care is encouraging parents and guardians to take up the opportunity of a free annual dental check-up for their children.

The check-ups, which are funded through the recent redistribution of some of the family allowance budget, entitle children to one free dental check-up per calendar year up to their 18th birthday.

The free check-ups can be booked with local dentists. Those booking the check-ups are asked to state that they are booking the 'States' annual dental check-up' and provide the social insurance number for their child, which starts with the letters 'GY'.

Special needs children, Looked After Children and families in receipt of income support may still access their check-up through the Children's Dental Service.

Any child requiring restorative treatment (which includes fillings) can be referred by their dentist to the Children's Dental Service and receive the treatment free of charge up to their 12th birthday.

Sarah Lyle, Specialist in Children's Dentistry and Head of Department for the Children's Dental Service, said:

'It's much easier to prevent cavities than to treat them, which is why it's fantastic that we are able to provide free annual dental check-ups for all children under 18. If you haven't already taken advantage of the free annual check-up, I'd strongly encourage all parents and guardians to do so for the benefit of your child's dental health.'

As well as free dental check-ups, children's visits to the Emergency Department now only cost £25, regardless of the subsequent treatment required. As part of this change, payment is required at the time of their consultation, regardless of whether or not they are covered by medical insurance. Those on income support will continue to have their attendance and consultation funded by Employment & Social Security and, therefore, will not need to pay for their consultation at the time. This is part of a wider initiative to encourage all those attending the Emergency Department to pay on the day.

In addition, children's GP appointments now only cost £25, with a visit to the practice nurse costing £15.

Deputy Al Brouard, President of the Committee forHealth & Social Care, said:

'We're really pleased that these children's health subsidies are now in place to try to ensure that income isn't a barrier to accessing healthcare for children. But now, we really want to get the message out about these changes. We want parents and guardians to book the free annual dental check-up for their children. We want people to know that it's now much cheaper if your child needs to go to the Emergency Department or to the GP or practice nurse.'

The redistribution of Family Allowance and introduction of health subsidies and education provision were agreed by the States in August 2020.

If you were receiving Family Allowance prior to 3rd January 2022 but the allowance has now stopped and you're not sure why, please visit, email or call 222506.

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