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Same-Sex Marriage Working Group progresses new legislation
Monday 08 February 2016

Following the successful approval of the Same-Sex Marriage Policy Letter in December 2015, a working group has been established to ensure swift progress is made to putting in place all the necessary elements to enable same-sex marriages in Guernsey.

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Statement from Deputy Jonathan Le Tocq
Sunday 07 February 2016

On Friday morning, I outlined to the local BBC why Guernsey was not, at this stage, in a position to support, specifically, the UK government's Vulnerable Person Resettlement Scheme for Syrian refugees. This is for a wide range of reasons relaying to existing legislation, policies and resources.

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States of Guernsey agrees to settle with 3M in high court action
Friday 05 February 2016

The States has been unsuccessful in its attempt to recover costs the island has incurred in dealing with pollution from historic use of fire-fighting foam at Guernsey and Alderney airports.

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FAQs and details of how to recycle your household and business waste.

Guernsey's Waste Strategy aims to minimise the amount of waste requiring treatment or disposal, by encouraging islanders to reduce their waste and by providing services and facilities that make it easy for them to reuse and recycle

As well as reducing the amount of waste we generate and reusing what we can, recycling as much as possible has many benefits.  It can save energy, save resources and allow us to be more efficient. Manufacturing a product with recycled material uses less energy than making the same product from raw materials, and recycling old products to make new ones minimises the need to use natural resources. Recycling an aluminium can uses 5% of the energy needed to make it from raw material, and recycling one glass bottle saves enough energy to power a TV for 20 minutes.

Recycling also reduces the energy needed to mine or harvest raw materials from wherever they naturally occur on the planet, and minimises the energy required to ship those materials around the world for processing. 

Details of our recycling and waste sites can be found on this page along with information on how and what to recycle. 

Please take the time to read our FAQs below, and if you require any further information please contact the Public Services Department by calling 01481 231200 or emailing

Below are some of the frequently asked questions that we receive, followed by disposal options for some of the most common household recyclables. If you have a question about any other materials, please contact us.

  • When are the facilities open?

    • Recycling Facility (Longue Hougue) [Tel 202250]
      • Monday - Friday: 07:30 - 16:00
      • Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holidays: 09:00 - 13:00
    • Green Waste Site (Chouet) [Tel 245106]
      • Monday- Friday: 07:00 - 16:00
      • Saturday: 08:00 - 17:00
    • Mont Cuet Landfill Site (Chouet) [Tel 245106]
      • Monday - Friday: 07:00 - 16:00
      • Saturday: 07:00 - 10:00 (Closed Bank Holidays)
    • Inert Waste Site (Longue Hougue) [Tel 249628]
      • Monday - Friday: 07:30 - 16:45
      • Saturday: 07:00 - 10:00
  • How do I recycle?

    • Please see documents for download on this page which contain recycling routes for households and businesses.
  • How do I receive a replacement voucher for more recycling bags?

    • If you have run out of recycling bags and would like some more then please contact us with your name and address so we are able to issue you with a replacement voucher. Once the voucher has arrived, on the back will show various stores where you are able to collect the recycling bags, both clear and blue.
    • Your constables office will also have a supply of vouchers for you to collect, please see our collections page for their details.
  • When is my kerbside recycling collected?

    • Your bin man will pick up either your clear bag or your blue bag on your normal bin night.  Further details of when that is can be found by referring to our page on collections.
    • All collections will be at night - simply put your recycling and black bags out on the appropriate evening, and it should be gone by the morning.
    • Most everyday household recyclable items are included in the kerbside collection service.  Two types of bags are provided to put these out for collection, and will be picked up on alternating weeks:-
    • Clear Bag - Paper and cardboard
    • Blue Bag - Tins and cans; plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays; foil; and milk and juice cartons
  • What happens after my recycling is collected?

    • It is taken to a local sorting facility where the bags are opened and the contents sorted into the various different materials. These are then baled, exported, and processed ready to be used to manufacture new products.
  • What if my kerbside bags aren't taken away?

    • We have to ensure everything we collect can be processed efficiently.  Therefore if you put out the wrong coloured bag, or your bag has the wrong materials in it, then your bin man may not take it. If it has been left for any reason, there will be an explanatory sticker affixed to your bag.  Please take your recycling back in and either re-sort the materials ready for your next collection, or take them to a bring bank site. If you need more advice, or think that the bag has simply been missed by the collection truck please contact your parish constables.  Alternatively, or if you live in St Peter Port, please please contact us.
  • What can't go in the kerbside recycling bags?

    • General household waste and food waste must still be put out in black bags or dustbins. Any items contaminated with food (e.g. chip papers, take-away pizza boxes) should also not be included with your recycling.
    • I don't have space for lots of bins, so how can I recycle?
    • The kerbside service should make recycling easier and more convenient, but we appreciate it is more difficult for some islanders. If you can't do everything, just recycling some items can help to make a difference. For advice on how to start, please please contact us. Alternatively, the bring banks will continue to be available.
  • Do I have to use 'official' bags?

    • The bags provided have been specifically chosen to suit the requirements of the sorting facility, so it is important to use these. If you use a different container or bag, your bin man will not collect it.
    • If you don't have a supply of kerbside collection bags, please contact us. For details of which colour bag to put out for collection each week please click on the recycling icon at the top of this website.
  • What colour bag is being collected this week?

    • For details of which colour bag to put out for collection each week please click on the recycling icon at the top of this website.
  • What if I forget to put my recycling out?

    • Either keep it until the next blue or clear bag collection, or you can sort the items and take them along to a bring bank site.
  • Does it cost me to use the collection service?

    • No. During the initial collection scheme recycling bags are provided free. Communications regarding the full scheme will be issued prior to the trial's completion.
  • Is there a limit on how many recycling bags I can put out?

    • No. You can put out as many as you need, provided materials are put out in the right bag on the correct night. Please do not overfill bags.
  • Is glass collected from the kerbside?

    • Unfortunately glass needs to be kept separate from other materials, so was not included in the initial kerbside collection scheme. However we are currently looking at the viability of glass collections for when the full scheme is introduced. In the meantime, please continue using the bring banks to recycle your bottles and jars.
  • What about carrier bags and other thin plastics?

    • The main issue with these often lower grade plastics is they can get caught up in the automated machines used to sort plastics, causing breakdowns. We therefore cannot accept them in the recycling collections, but some supermarkets have facilities to collect carrier bags, so they can be recycled separately.
  • Why can't we recycle black plastic?

    • We do not currently have a market for recycling black plastic. And we are not alone - councils throughout the UK have a similar issue. It also causes problems with sorting the 'good' plastics, so processors want us to keep this out.






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